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Vintage Cola

AKA: Vintage Cola

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Flavour Notes:Cola
Ingredients:Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavouring
Type:30ml + E Liquid, High VG E Liquid, Shake and Vape, 50ml E Liquid, Beverage, Candy / Sweets

Zap! Juice’s cola E Liquid is as refreshing as drinking a tall, cold soda itself with its blend of spiced herbs, fruits and traditional cola flavor in a delicious vape. As you inhale this cola E Liquid, you will practically be able to taste the fizz and intense flavors for a long time after as the taste lingers on your tongue. The added benefit of vaping a cola E Liquid is you get to quench that craving for a sweet drink without having to sacrifice your teeth in the action!

Vintage Cola Zap Juice
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Vintage Cola E Liquid Review by Zap! Juice
Credit to: The Ginger Vaper
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Zap Juice Vintage Cola reviews

Video Transcript: Vintage Cola E Liquid Review by Zap! Juice by The Ginger Vaper

What's going on vapers? Welcome to my review of Vintage Cola by Zap! Juice. Vintage Cola is a 70/30 VG/PG blend. Nicotine options and zero, three and six milligrams and it's been described as a Like a barber's shop quartet, four flavours combine into marvelous harmony for a classic experience you won't forget.

Oh my god. Oh wow. Right. This will most likely please the older generation and I'll tell you why. Because this, if you've ever been into a sweet shop or got these sweets, the cola bottles I'm talking about. This is exactly like that. This, oh my, oh wow.

The inhale has a massive flavour hit. You've got the cola, which is exactly how I remember it, absolutely brilliant. You're getting a candy like sweetness but you're also getting like an edge, like a sourness, just going in and out. Very light, but you can get, definitely taste it. It's deep, it's bold, there's a lot of complexity in there as well, ooh.

After the inhale, you're still getting that depth and the complexity still. It's a good mix still of sweet, sour, still getting a good level of cola throughout. This is a very, very good flavour.

The flavour has settled a little bit, but you're still getting an ample amount of flavour there. I think if you got anymore at the back of the throat it'd probably make you cough, it's borderline heavy but it's definitely good. It's good levels, great. Ha! I'm going mad on this, this is absolutely incredible. Now the exhale, the flavours mush up a little bit. Not so much that it goes into a complete mess but it's just blended well. The cola is just going in and out. The sweetness binds that cola flavour and the sourness is very much latched onto the cola at this point. It's all going in and out. The cola is the base note for the entire flavour and it is a great, great, flavour.

I tell you, this does take you back to your childhood, this is not far removed form the cola bottle candy sweet. This is so good. It's really, really good. Overall it's an incredible flavour. I say, it's not far removed from the sweet... Nice, sweet flavours, nice sour note which is a very good touch which I really do like and the cola itself is absolutely on the money. Really, really I'm impressed with this. That is incredible, absolutely incredible. Okay guys, that is the review for Vintage Cola done. I hope you found it informative. Make sure you like this video and subscribe to my channel. Thanks very much for watching guys and I shall see you soon. Cheers.

And as well as that, it is like, it's like a buttery pie flavour, which is quite reminiscent actually of crumble topping. It's absolutely great. Nice buttery element in with that. Sweetness in with that as well. It's three different types of sweetnesses and you can pick them out bit by bit.