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Genuine Aspire clearomizer with glass tank and features the latest Aspire BVC coil head. This box comes with a scratch and check panel to help you verify the authenticity of your product on the manufacturer's website. The latest e-cigarette clearomizer from Aspire features the acclaimed 'Bottom Vertical Coils' (BVC Coils), giving you more flavor and vapour at an affordable price. The Aspire K1 is a smaller capacity tank, but is durable and performs very well. The glass and stainless steel construction of Aspire K1is a significant upgrade over standard plastic CE4 clearomizers.

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Aspire K1 BVC Mini Clearomiser Review
Credit to: Vaping V1ck
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Aspire Aspire K1 reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire K1 BVC Mini Clearomiser Review by Vaping V1ck

Hey guys, Vaping Vic here and welcome to another review today. We are reviewing the Aspire K1 Clearomizer, Glassomizer, however you wanna call it. They're all gonna be glass soon, so let's just call it a Clearomizer, from Aspire with the BVC coils in a very little case. So, we'll go down low really quick three minutes, really quick look it. I'll point a few things out, a couple of very important things, and we'll come back up top and give it a quick review. See you in three.

Okay guys, here we are down low with the Aspire K1 BVC Glassomizer. This is the packaging. One thing to note with the packaging, guys, there are two types of atomizer heads available, 1.6 and 1.8. I have the 1.8. Very useful for me, the 1.8, because I'm going in a variable voltage device. The other thing to note about the packaging guys, there is nothing else in the box. So there is no 510-y adaptor-y, sleeve thing. There's no spare coil. There's no instructions or anything like that. So be aware of that. So here we are with the Clearomizer, that was it on my iStick. This is it on a Spinner. I know a lot of you might wanna stick it on a Spinner. It is perfectly adept at going on a Spinner and I think it looks quite good. A very quick comparison here of the K1 against Kanger Aerotank Mini. You can see with the drip tips and everything, it's exactly the same size, and you can see that the tanks for them both are the same size, it's just that the way the design of the tank makes the BVC K1 look like it starts sooner, but they don't. It's just that there's a little bit more metal on the Aerotank Mini.

So this is the drip tip. It's the standard Aspire drip tip that they seem to use on everything now. Gosh, slightly out of focus. I apologize for that. One thing I like about the drip tip is there is no edging inside. It is a pure straight bar, straight down the drip tip. That is your 510 eGo connection, and you can see here it's not... I've not done it very well, actually, but you can see that I've drilled those air holes out with a drill to two millimeters on either side. That was the drill bit that I used. Not, probably not the correct drip tip and not the correct way of drilling it, but I'm not endorsing drip... Drilling it as such, but you do need to be aware that that is what I've had to do with mine to get it to perform how I want it to perform. The coils are amazing. They go really high wattage. So we need airflow to match, and I'm really happy with how mine performs. Now, I've drilled it out. This is how you fill it up. You unscrew the base which comes out with the atomizer head and you can see that's the BVC head, looking all crisp and gooey, and you just fill it up straight down there, guys. It still got that little channel airflow stem and it still stops you from filling it all the way to the top, but still, it's absolutely fine, it really is. So, we'll go back up top and give this a review and see you in a minute. Bye.

Okay, guys, so that was up close with the K1 from Aspire. It is chucking, it's for a Clearomizer of this size, it is chucking, but be aware that that is partly down to the fact that I have drilled out the air holes on each side to about two mil. It does change the way it vapes. So if you buy it from stock, it's not gonna vape exactly the same as I'm vaping it. I'm sorry if that spoils the review for some of you but for me, it was unusable with the very small air holes it came with. So that is something to bear in mind. I'm just gonna go straight into the pros and the cons of this Glassomizer. First pro, really big pro, £7. In the UK, it's about £7. In America, it seems to be about $8. That is a stunning price. It's the right price for this device if you're making it in bulk and everything, it is right. Okay, so we'll get into the positives. It's glass tank, which is great, means no juice will crack or anything, or damage this in any way. It doesn't mean if you smash it, if you drop it, it'll crack, it'll smash. But that if you drop it, you drop it. You're gonna have to get another and that's just the way it is.

Another huge thumbs up, that we'll possibly come back to is the BVC coil heads in here, the atomizer heads, the best atomizer heads available at the moment, I think. I haven't seen an upgrade from Kanger that can do what this does. Absolutely fantastic, 14 watts, I'm at here and it loves it, it absolutely loves it and the flavor is really great with these coils as well. The drip tip is the same drip tip that you'll find in a Nautilus, from what I can tell, it seems to be identical. Anyway, but it's a perfect fit. A lovely snug fit. I'm not in a rush to change it, but if I did want to, normal drip tips would fit fine. So that is a thumbs up and the whole general look of it, I think, is just right, it's exactly what it should look like. It's just a glass tube that you can see all the juice in. So I think, looks-wise, it's doing nothing wrong from a looks perspective as well.

Okay, so negatives. Negatives are short. This, I'd rate this Clearomizer that the cons are low, I would say the cons are it still has this slight juice thing where you can't fill it completely to the brim because of the design, of the way you have to turn it upside down, and it has a little... The stem of the Clearomizer prevents you from filling it all the way to the top. So it still has that issue. However, it does almost let you fill it, you know, there's only about half a centimeter maybe at the top that you can't fill. Non-adjustable airflow. We did do a comparison to the Kanger Aerotank Mini and that does have adjustable airflow, to be fair to it. So this one doesn't have adjustable airflow, so you do need to be aware of that. Obviously, the stock airflow did not suit me at all. So I had to drill it out. So my opinion on this Clearomizer is based on the fact that I did have to drill out those air holes. So, very, very small air holes are standard, and I did have to drill them out, and they're non-adjustable. So that does have to go against it. I'll show you what it vapes like on a Vision Spinner. I'm sure quite a lot of you would be quite keen to know that.

I've never had such a good clearomizer on top of a Vision Spinner. It is the best small clearomizer I've used. And that is the bottom line, guys. In terms of other negatives, there aren't any in my opinion, this is the best small clearomizer on the market at the moment, I think. I would recommend drilling it out to your specification, air hole wise, whatever that may be, it's a very simple drill. It's literally just sat in the threading. So you just make the hole a little bigger with your drill. BVC coils, easy to get hold of now, not the same BVC coils that are in a Nautilus but it's the exact same technology, exact same concept, they're just a different size atomizer head to go in here. So do be aware of that. You can't use your Nautilus coils in here, but it's fantastic. The BVC coils are superb. They completely made this clearomizer excellent, and that is what I've got. £7 available all over the web guys, get your self one. Get yourself some spare BVCs as well. Super super device, super super atomizer. Two massive thumbs up from me. Thanks for watching guys. If there's anything you want me to review put in the comments below, or if you've got something you want me to review, get in touch using the email address in my description. Thanks for watching.