Aspire K2 Tank

Aspire K2 Tank

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Featuring a sleek 5mm profile, the Aspire K2 tank is compatible with the top-class Aspire BVC heating coil. Serving as the replacement tank for the prestigious Aspire K2 Kit, the Aspire K2 Tank comes with a classy and stylized stainless steel drip-tip, which gives any expensive sub-Ohm tank a run for its money. K2’s premium-quality Holding 1.8ml of e juice. The heat-proof tank effectively keeps acidic juice flavours at bay. The K2 tank incorporates preset airflow, BVC atomizer replaceable coils, as well as 100% organic cotton wicks, giving you a premium vaping experience to remember.

Aspire K2 Tank Aspire
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Aspire K2 Tank
Credit to: DFW Vapor
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Aspire Aspire K2 Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire K2 Tank by DFW Vapor

Hi everyone, my name's Alicia with DFW Vapor, and today, we are gonna go over the new K2 Tank from Aspire.

Alright. And with this tank, it's going to hold 1.8 mls of juice, and it's going to use the Aspire BVC coils. Let's see. I'll show you, you guys, this is going to perfect to upgrade from those disposable tanks, the ones for the pen styles. It's gonna fit really nicely on your e-cig there, if you can see it.

Alright, and then I'll go ahead and show you guys how to prime it. And if you forget, it comes with a little card inside the box, a little warning label, and it'll show you exactly how to prime it. But for now, I will show you. To fill this tank, there's a little stem in the middle of it, and you're going to wanna tilt it to the side like this, and then that's when you're gonna pour it to the side. If you pour it straight down the middle, it's gonna go straight through the mouthpiece and make a big mess, so you just fill to the side, up to that top black ridge there. And then, to prime your atomiser, you do five to six drops straight to the top there. You'll see that kind of hole in the middle that you can pull it down.

But five to six to the top. So one, two, three, four, five, six. And then there's also these little wicking materials on the side that you can wick as well. One, two, three, four, five, six, and then you wanna be sure that the coil's nice and saturated before you get going. This will save life on your atomiser and it'll also make the flavour a lot better from the get-go. So once you prime your atomiser, you're just gonna set it back down in there, and just screw it down. And then, once you have it back on your battery, you're gonna wanna do dry pulls without pressing the button, five to six of 'em should be okay. And that way, it'll taste nice and ready for you. Alright thank you guys for tuning in. Like our Facebook and our Twitter page, and our Instagram. Ya'll have a great day.