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Aspire Nautilus 2

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With a sleek design, 2ml e-liquid capacity and Aspire BVC atomizer heads, the Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank is ideal for a wide range of vapers. Easy to use and TPD-compliant – the Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank allows top-filling of the Pyrex glass tank and features a more sophisticated adjustable airflow system than its predecessor - the Aspire Nautilus. Offering backward compatibility, the Nautilus 2 is fitted with a 0.7 Ohm replaceable coil. A spare 1.8 Ohm MTL coil can be fired on a device with 10-14 watts. A shorter internal chimney imparts a noticeable flavour boost across all airflow settings.

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Aspire Nautilus 2 - Best Tank?!
Credit to: DashVapes
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Aspire Aspire Nautilus 2 reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire Nautilus 2 - Best Tank?! by DashVapes

It's taken almost a full year, but Aspire has finally produced a worthy addition to the Nautilus line up, the Nautilus 2.

This affordable mouth to lung tank comes with a host of new things, including a better fill system, new coils, and improved functionality over its predecessor. But at the same time, the Nautilus 2 brings back many qualities of the original Nautilus, making it the best mouth to lung tank the company has ever made. Using a Nautilus 2 is a unique experience driven more by similarity and nostalgia than clouds and performance. It's not about low resistance coils and huge clouds, it's about simplicity and other entirely subjective qualities.

Over the years, the Nautilus has gone a lot of face lifts. The original Nautilus was a bold and bulky tank with the Nautilus mainly slimming down dimensions. The Nautilus X took an attempt at a brand new coil system and design which left much to be desired. The Nautilus 2 brings a sleek, almost futuristic design to the table, and we absolutely love it. In terms of size, the Nautilus 2 sits between the original Nautilus and the Nautilus mini. It's a 22 millimeter adding that's shorter than the Nautilus but wider than the Nautilus mini. Aspire decided to combine two essential features of past products, a metal sleeve to add protection matched with an easy-to-fill top fill system. Removing the outer sleeve reveals a European friendly 2ml glass tank and coil base. And right underneath that, you'll find the new and improved airflow control ring. The drip tip has similarities to the original Nautilus drip tip design that we all know. But if you weren't a fan of it, you can replace it with any 510 drip tip of your choice.

At the time of this review, the Nautilus 2 comes in four different colors: Black, silver, grey, and red. Whether you want a sleek and inconspicuous tank or a bull tank that can really make your set up stand out, you have options for both. When I first heard that there was a new Nautilus being released, I was extremely skeptical after the setback that was the Nautilus X. I, for the life of me couldn't get a coil to last more than a day. The tank just kept spitting, and I couldn't get that restrictive mouth to lung hit I was able to get with the original Nautilus tank. As soon as I saw that the Nautilus 2 was using the original Nautilus coil design, I was really looking forward to trying it out. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint. The original coils paired with a new air flow, I can finally get that tight ride I'd grown to love with the original Nautilus. Alongside the Nautilus 2, Aspire is also introducing 0.7 ohms sub-ohm coil.

Now, don't expect to be chucking huge clouds with these coils. The 0.7 coils are more of a restrictive direct to lung hit. Flavour and vapor production was adequate, but I personally really enjoy the 1.8 ohm coils. Using this tank is almost nostalgic. It reminded me of when I first made the switch over to vaping. It brought me back to the days of a vape that just felt like a cigarette when you take a pull off of it. If you're looking to make the switch over to vaping, or if you're looking for a nice affordable mouth to lung tank, then this is perfect for you.

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