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The Aspire Revvo Tank is made by Aspire and is the newest and greatest tank in the world that showcases an awesome new coil unlike any others in the industry. This device also has coils that are shaped like flat disks, similar to that of a stovetop and it is able to maximize some of the best flavors and biggest cloud production you have ever seen. The Revvo also comes with a 2ml e juice capacity as well as a 0.1-0.16 coil that is pre-installed with a spare, too. This tank comes in a variety of shades, such as black, stainless steel or a chrome finish that has a 304 stainless steel crafted body along with a hardened Pyrex glass tube. This tank also has a Delrin drip tip that is made of imported food grade Delrin.

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Aspire REVVO Tank [ First Impressions on New Sub Ohm Technology! ]
Credit to: AVAndy
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Aspire Aspire Revvo Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Aspire REVVO Tank [ First Impressions on New Sub Ohm Technology! ] by AVAndy

The Aspire Revvo Tank.

How's it going, everybody? This is Andy with Today, we're just gonna be taking a quick look. Right off the bat I just wanted say, I've been using this tank for all of about 24 hours now. I have not used it a lot when I did a live stream the other day. I got a lot of questions about it and I was like, yeah it's sitting right here, but then it just got me thinking. So I did bring it home with me. I've been using it since, messing around with it. But I'm gonna do a follow up video, but this is just an initial thoughts. I saw there wasn't too many videos on the Aspire Revvo out there. So here we go. We're gonna give it a little run down. See what I can do with it. So right now since I've got about a day of experience with it so far, I do know the flavor and vapor have a taste and stuff. I do know I haven't had any leaking issues, but one thing I have no idea on is coil life expectancy on this new coil style. So that's something that I'm gonna have to follow up on, and then if I do experience any leaking issues, but it seems like they have it down pretty pat. But only time's gonna tell. I mean using something for one day, it's not enough time for me to give a authoritative, Hell yeah, go get this. Or, No, don't get this at all.

But I just wanna get that out of the way, right to the point. Boom. Bada bing, bada boom. Like always we're gonna go over the basics on this tank real quick. The mod here, I just put it on this mod. I have not used this mod even for 24 hours, so I'm not even gonna talk about that. But I have it on the Aspire's mod. But yeah we're just gonna be going over the tank here. I'm gonna give you my thoughts on the tank. Go over the specs on it. Have some vapes on it, give you my thoughts. Like I've just said give you my thoughts. Now, that's three times in less than 10 seconds there. And then we'll bring it back up top, have a few more vapes on it. But anyways, like always we're gonna go over the basics on this tank. I'm gonna give you my initial thoughts. I'll let you know the specs of it. We'll take a look at it in the close-up here in a second and have a few vapes on it. Bring it up top, have a few more vapes, give you my initial first impressions, what I think so far. What I can see possibly happening as a con. And then like I said I will do a follow up. And then when I do the follow up it's probably gonna be included with the Aspire mod as well.

Specs on this guy. So the tank right here, it is a 24mm diameter tank. It has a 3.6mL e-liquid capacity. The height on here, it looks like it's 45mm. It does have top filling, a very interesting top filling. You can just take a chubby gorilla bottle, drop it in the top, fill it up. Very, very interesting. And then it's got dual top adjustable airflow. Not bottom, almost said bottom there. But dual top adjustable airflow. The coil: The coil that comes with it is a Kanthal coil. It's this disc. We're gonna take a look at in the close up. And the resistance on this little disc coil goes from 0.1 all the way to 0.16. A little bit of fluctuation allowed in there by Aspire. But we're gonna talk about that.

It is a Kanthal coil, like I did just mention. Organic cotton inside of here. I'm gonna go into some more of that though after we've already got the specs out of the way. Let's have a vape. Give me one second, I gotta turn this down real quick. Alright we've got the specs out of the way. Let's go and have a vape. I've got it at 50W right now. The wattage range on this is from 50 to 100. Well, I've got it at 50.9. So we're right above that 50 on the lowest end. Let's have a vape. I've got some of the Stumps again. Stumps Pops inside of here, Sweet Melon. You can pick it up on I'll leave a link in the description to our site if you wanna try it out. Let's have a vape here at 50.9W airflow, oh my goodness, I said dual top airflow, I meant to say dual triple earlier. Apologies. Alright, let's have a vape here at 50.9.

Alright here we have the packaging on the Aspire Revvo here. I'm gonna be giving this one away. This one's brand new. The one I was using was in the little kit. So how do I open this? I don't know how to open this here. Looks like it slides out. I don't know. Never done this before. I don't wanna rip the box. Whoever gets this, I wanna have a pristine box. Oh, there we go, you just slide it out. That's in there pretty good. Alright, it doesn't wanna come out. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Push that. Alright, there we go. Almost there. Alright, Aspire box here. This is the first time, like I said, I'm using the one that came with the tanks. This is a little surprise to me. Let's see what we get inside of here. Open it on up. Maybe we don't open it up. Alright, slide it out like that. You're gonna get an Aspire Revvo user manual.

This does come in the kit that I... The one I'm using from so I have seen this before. You can take a look at that real quick. I'm gonna cover that though in a second. Aspire warranty card. Tells you all that good stuff about warranty. Where to warranty it on the back. Yep, where to warranty on the back. A little important notice card, important advice card if you wanna pause that and take a little looky loo at that. You get some O-rings here. A ton of O-rings actually; that's nice. You're gonna get one of the extra Revvo coils. One comes pre-installed, at least it did in the kit here with the Speeder mod, so I'm assuming that. But you get the Revvo coil. We're gonna take a look at that in the close-up in a second, though. You will get a little top. You'll get like this little... It goes on the glass. It protects your glass tank and then it covers the top. So I'll show you that as well in a second. I don't wanna open that right now. You'll get the Revvo. This is the chrome edition right here that someone's gonna be getting. And then you'll get, as you guys can see, a piece of replacement glass.

Alright, taking a close-up look at the Revvo coil here; this stove-top coil is what Aspire describes it as on their website. You can see the design; very unusual. Not what you guys are used to seeing here, but that is the coil and they are rated from 0.1 to 0.16. They vary. They do vary between the coils. But that's what Aspire does rate them at. Wattage range, it doesn't... I wish it said on here, that's sort of a negative. It doesn't say anywhere on the coil. But the wattage range is 50 to 100; best between 60 to 80, so that is this here. You can see the cotton on the bottom. It's very interesting and I like it. Aspire, like I'm gonna mention later, did create the first sub-ohm tank, the Aspire Atlantis. So they do have some... They're known for doing something a little revolutionary and that's what they're tryin to do here. I'm gonna be using this one here that someone's gonna be winning to do a little demonstration of it.

This is the chrome one, just because mine is filled. But, so what you have here, you have triple, I know I said earlier dual, but I lied, triple adjustable top airflow on here. It does fully lock into place. You can open it and close it. The top cap does come off here. Just unscrew that. Doo doo doo. Unscrewed. You can screw that off; plastic threading. You are gonna wanna be careful that when you do screw it back on that you have the threads aligned like I did. Did I just do that? No, I did. I got it right there. Alright so you wanna make sure you have the threads aligned to screw onto place because it is plastic. If it strips, you're gonna have some problems down the road if you keep doing it. So just make sure you have it lined up when you do screw it back on.

See the 510, a little looky loo at that on bottom. Aspire REVVO on here. Oh, oh, throwing things, throwing things back to you.

Alright, see that little pin, that little center thing right there? That actually pushes down and that's how you can fill it. So you take a chubby gorilla bottle, for example, they say gorilla bottle themselves, and it's got this little needle point right here. You take that. I'm not gonna fill this up 'cause someone's gonna be getting this guy, but you're gonna take your needle point and just stick it in that and squeeze, and you're gonna push down... Actually wait a second, I'm gonna grab the one I'm using. Alright, this one's almost full, so bad example, but you're gonna take it. Alright let me take this off of the mod. Got this here, unscrew it, here is the REVVO I've been using. So you line that up in that, and then once it's in there, you push down, and then you just squeeze to fill it up. You guys just saw burst of liquid come down in there. Like I said it is pretty full already. So that is a... Can't fill it up too much more, but that is how you do it. And it acts also as anti-spitback. So, that's another bonus on there. This thing is just different. I mean, it's not what people are used to. Most people are used to the coil sitting down in there. Let's go back to the brand new one so I can show you a few things inside of the tank. So, unscrew this bad boy. Boom. Here you have that mechanism I can show you.

See how it pushes down? You get the chubby gorilla needle point in there, push on it, squeeze, it's gonna come right straight down and fill up. That is your coil folks. The coil is sitting right there sort of like an RTA style where they... Except on a RTA, you have the cotton sort of like hangs down into the tank, not on this one, but that is the chamber down there. And what Aspire does recommend is tipping it every five or to 10 vapes. I've done a lot longer than that and this cotton stays pretty saturated, but that is what they recommend. Because at least to my knowledge, I don't think there's any... I don't think there's magical vortex suction going on where the liquid travels from here to the coil, so when you do flip it, your liquid is just sitting right on top of the cotton on that coil, which can be seen right here. There's the cotton that you'd... Soaking it up, but I like it. It's different, it's something new, they are trying something new. I'm excited to see where it goes. I like it.

I'm sort of curious how it would work if it was on the bottom, if that's possible. I don't know. I'm not an electric engineer or anything like that. I'm curious to see if you could put it on the bottom if that would work, so the liquid just sat on top of it, but maybe it floods. So I'm thinking. I don't know. I don't know. That's for Aspire to think of not me, but just my idea there; but very interesting little design. Screw that back on. Someone's gonna be winning this. I'm gonna do it over on Instagram. The link will be in the description. But, yeah, that pretty much I think takes care of the close-up on this Aspire REVVO tank here. Interesting coil system. Interesting overall, ooh, I forgot to show you this. I'm gonna show you this real quick before we bring it back up top. So this sits on here, glass protector, you put this around the glass and then, if this is out correctly, this will cover the top cap so that top filling port where you just squeeze in, you can cover it if you want. I haven't used it. I haven't got anything down in there, but it's an option, does come with one, so you can't use that if you would like.

Let's go ahead and bring it back up top, then have a few more vapes on it and give you my overall first impressions on the Aspire REVVO Tank.

Alright, now we got the close-up out of the way it's gonna be a few more vapes. I'm gonna do one more at 50 here just, even though that's what I did before the close-up, 50.9. Stumps Pops inside here; Sweet Melon there. Let's have a vape. 50.9W. Alright, so even though the wattage range says it's from 50 to 100, you can definitely tell it is under powered at 50W. I'm going to crank it up here. We're just gonna go from 50 to 70. We're jumping by 20. Let's go and have a vape here at 70; went up one, 71W.

It's starting to get better at 70W there but you can sort of tell it's a hard to explain, but when a tank is trying to... Get this vaper out of here, but when the tank is trying it needs a little bit more power. That's what I'm feeling at 71. Let's go ahead and bump it up to 80. Alright, I bumped it up 10W. We were at 81W here on this kit. Let's have a vape.

81W. That seems like the sweet spot. I hit it right there, 81W, that is pretty good. I'm gonna go ahead and jump a whole 19W up to 100, the maximum on this coil, and see how it vapes at 100W.

Alright, I've got it set at 100W. Now let's go ahead and see how it vapes. Alright at 100W there, that is a very good vape. This coil performs very well. Now Aspire does say you're supposed to turn it over. I believe it's every five or every 10 vapes you take, you just turn upside down because of this whole coil system, which I'm about to go into, but I didn't do it that entire time. I just vaped it through the whole time before the close-up, all that, I have not tipped it upside down. So we are just vaping there without doing that little wetting the coil, letting it wick up little bit. So that is good. That's a good sign, a very good sign. Of course, like I said, 24 hours with this guy. Time is gonna tell how that performs once it starts getting a little bit lower in here. I feel like you're definitely gonna have to 'cause I don't know how that coil is wicking without it being pushed up against it. It doesn't seem like there's a wicking system where it pushes the liquid up to the coil, at least not to my knowledge. If you can correct me, please do down in the comments. I would love to know. Alright, let's get into my initial first impressions here on this Aspire REVVO, two Vs, Tank. 24 hours with it.

Interesting. It's an interesting thing. I like the concept. So if you guys don't know, Aspire created the first sub-ohm tank with the Aspire Atlantis. Kangertech came out pretty quickly after that with the Kangertech Subtank. SMOK TFV4, so on and so forth. But Aspire did come out with the first sub-ohm tank. They were sort of the leaders back then. What was that, three years ago or so? So I like it. I like Aspire's direction. They're trying to do something new. They call it like a stove-top coil because like you guys saw in the close up, it's just a circular coil and it sits up here sorta like an RDTA, except on an RDTA, you have the wicks dripping down in... Not dripping down, hanging down into the tank. So, it's not like an RTA, but it's different. I like to see it. I like this, and no one else has done anything, at least to my knowledge, like this. So, I like seeing that from Aspire. And functionality wise, it seems like it's good. The coils: The coils, I don't know life expectancy at all. 24 hours I do know, so I guess they'll last you one day, so thumbs up on that. But life expectancy is a big concern of mine.

I'm gonna see that when I do the follow-up video on this mod. We're including this mod in the video. So I'll let you guys know about that. The flavor: Flavor, if we're going on a one to 10 here, so far, I'm gonna give it a seven. So, actually, we're gonna go with a 7.3, 7.3 on the flavor. Vapor production, though, is fantastic. The flavor isn't 10, but vapor production for the wattage ranges used, in that 50 to 100W range, we're gonna go with a 9.35. So we're close to a 10 on the vapor production, especially like I said, at these wattage ranges with this 0.1, 2.16 ohm coil inside of here. But the flavor, it seems it's lacking a little bit. I've tried different liquids in here, all of three different liquids, so I've tested this thing thoroughly, if you know what I mean. But it's definitely not bad. It's not bad flavor. 7.3, it's pretty good. Just not great. I'd like to see Aspire keep rolling with this. This was the first option, or the first iteration of it, I guess I would say. I'd like to see them continue to try some different coil options out 'cause I like the idea.

Top filling on this thing is awesome. If you have a chubby gorilla bottle like you saw in the close up, you can just... You don't have to take anything off. You can if you want, but you just take your bottle, drop it in there, push down, squeeze. It's easy to fill up. It's the easiest top fill I've ever used. Easier than some of the RTAs where you have to slide it open, fill it. It's just super simple. With a glass bottle, though, it's a little bit harder, so that's something to take note of. So, if your favorite liquid does come in a glass bottle, it would be best to transfer it into like a 30mL or 60mL chubby gorilla bottle with that needlepoint tip because that seems like it's what Aspire made it for. It even says on their website, which I've got pulled up right here, For chubby gorilla bottles. Well, they don't say chubby but it says, Gorilla bottles. We all know what they mean with that, so that is gonna be a little bit of a knock on it, but overall, I'm really curious. I like this style. I like what Aspire's doing, trying something new. At least someone's trying something new.

I looked around online, which normally, before I do a video, I don't watch any other videos, because if I do then I'm going to get something stuck in my head and then I'm just not going to be able to do my own little spin on it, so I don't do it. But for this, one I did. I looked around, but I couldn't find too many videos. I did watch Zophie's video on it and it seems like she did like it as well. But yeah, I'm gonna be doing a follow-up when I do cover the kit, which comes with this mod right here, the touchscreen mod by Aspire, and that'll probably be in two weeks or so, so I'll have two weeks of solid use out of this to do that follow-up on the Aspire Speeder kit which comes with this tank. $10 gift card code for One time use, whoever uses it first gets $10 off their order.

I suggest picking up some of this Stumps, or maybe some I Love Candy, some Chubby Bubble Vapes. We got a ton of good options over there, but that code is gonna be REVVO, and it's spelled the Aspire way, so you've got two Vs in there. Got to be a little tricky. But the first person to use that will get $10 off their order. If you guys have any questions on this tank, please leave a comment down below and I'll do my best to answer them. I don't know if I'll be able to. After I get some more experience with it, like I said, I just did this because of that live stream I did the other night and you guys got me curious on it. I know I was curious already, and then everyone asking about it made me extra curious, so I've started using it. But yeah, that's gonna wrap up this video. If you guys did enjoy it, please be sure to leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you've not already. It's greatly appreciated, and as always, vape on.