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The Cleito 120 Tank chucks thick, dense clouds and astonishing flavours without resorting to multiple coil heads. The replaceable coil head in the Cleito 120 Tank features a single, vertical coil. Using three extra-large wicking ports, the cotton is continually saturated with 2ml of E Liquid. Aspire recommend a 2-second inhale to draw a richly flavoured, column of vapour through the 0.16 Ohm coil. Aspire’s revolutionary anti spit-back blades and a one-piece Delrin drip-tip keep the vape cool in the 100 to 120 Watt power band. The ultra-efficient Cleito 120 is a “Maxi-Watt” Tank, the next level of high-power vaping.

Cleito 120 Aspire
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Aspire Cleito 120 Tank & Lost Fog - Neon Cream E Liquid
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Aspire Cleito 120 reviews

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Video Transcript: Aspire Cleito 120 Tank & Lost Fog - Neon Cream E Liquid by Vapor Trail Channel

Ready for a quickie for a Friday? Cleito 120.

Welcome to The Vapor Trail Channel. I'm Tony. If you're familiar with this channel, you probably know that I'm a big fan of the Aspire Cleito tank. It's just a great tank. In my humble opinion, it's probably the best simple sub ohm tank. It's three parts and a coil. How easy can could it get? Not only that, they sell for about 20 bucks and the flavor and vapor from them is fantastic. I've got four of them in rotation now, two with RTAs in them, and two with standard coils. But I have to admit, when I first saw the Cleito 120 in renderings and information and stuff online, I was like, a little bit of a head scratch. I mean, why do we need to go, the wattage range is 100 to 120 watts. Why do we need to go that high? Well, I can assure you, you don't have to go that high. It actually performs really well a little bit lower wattage, but definitely higher wattage than the original Cleito. It's got a giant coil in it.

The other thing is, they changed the way the top works. I used to just take off the top and you could pour your liquid right in there. I mean, I didn't need a dropper or anything like that, so I'll show you that you can do it the new way and the old way with this one as well. I got it on top of this RX2/3 from Wismec. I've got it in the two battery configuration. Let's just go ahead and dig in and let me show it to you.

ELiquid that we're using today is Lost Fog Neon Cream, and this stuff is tasty, man. If you like Rainbow Sherbet, you're gonna like this. All the wonderful flavors of the Rainbow, they've got their social media on here. And this is actually a really cool thing. The toxic warning on here, if you see that, it's raised. It's Braille. So, if you're sight impaired or blind, you would be able to tell that this might be toxic, so you gotta be careful with that type of thing.

I've got a Cleito 120 on top of this JayBo and Wismec designed Reuleaux 2/3. It's the dual battery configuration that I've got in here right now and it'll do two or three. So, it's pretty cool. Now, I've got a lot of stuff in the queue and I will get to this very soon. I've had it for about a week and I know it's already out there, but a lot of people still wanna know what I think of it. You'll see that it sits quite nicely on top of that. Maybe a tiny, tiny hair of overhang here in the front, but that's because it is a larger tank.

So I've got the black one here, and a stainless steel one here and we'll take a look at the black one here in just a second. The box opens up, just like you remember from the other one. You've got a coil in here and you've got glass and a vape band. This one does not have those little things that go over the top, those little kind of condom thingies. And that's because you've got Delrin up here and we'll take a look at that in just a second. Let's take a look at the coil, and you should be careful because I saw that this little ring came off of here. If that ring comes off, and you put it in there without it, it will leak. So the coil is a lot larger. Let's take a look at an old coil. This is the original coil. That's the coil side by side, that's them from the top, so you can see that this is a much beefier coil, so the coils will not be interchangeable.

Again, Japanese cotton inside there. Now, if you look in here, you just see the coil straight up on this one. They put those little teeth in there. Can you see that? And what that's for is to prevent spitback. So I think that's pretty cool. And they're not gonna break off. They're part of the casing in there, so you don't have to worry about that. The coil is a 0.16 ohm coil that's rated at 100 to 120 watts, but don't let that scare you off. As long as you got a mod that goes up to 80 watts, you'll still be able to use this and I'll show you.

So let's take a look at the black one because this one is already filled with some eLiquid and I'll just pull this open. Right here on the front, it says 120 watt King, scrumptious flavor, controlled airflow, instant massive vapor, maxi watt tank. Take a look at the back of this. I'll leave this up here for a second, if you wanna read it, go ahead and pause it.

Alright. So here is the black Cleito 120. Put it up next to the original Cleito and you'll see that it is quite a bit larger. In fact, let's take a look at it next to this iJoy Limitless Plus. So, yeah, they're the same size. This is a 25 millimeter tank as opposed to the 22 millimeter there. So that's good, right? But aside from that, it does look very similar. In fact, the height of it is the same, except for this added part right here, which we'll see in just a second. Now, on the original one, you just took off this piece and you were directly... Well, the o-ring is stuck in there, but you were directly pouring it right into the tank, which you still can do on the new one, but that made it just basically three pieces. Top, glass, bottom, that was it. So technically, this does have the same amount of pieces. Top, glass, bottom and then your drip tip, which is actually now a whole cap that comes off of here, so it is pretty much a fixed deal and you can't stick a different drip tip in there. That just doesn't work. That's a standard one so.

It is what it is. This is meant to be more of a high powered and you want more airflow through a high powered tank. So now, you can fill it right there. There's one fill hole. There isn't one on both sides and I thought that was gonna be a problem but I haven't had any problems with backing up or anything like that. It fills just nicely right in there. Unicorn bottles and dropper tops, I've been able to do it with.

And this is all a nice rubber seal around the bottom part of this, so that is actually very nice. You could either fill it that way, or you could just go ahead and take off the whole top and still fill it that way if you wanted to. You take off the glass again with these to get the glass off of there. It's easiest just to do it like that, pinch that like that. Alright. So I'll pull off the glass. The seals on here are really good and that's one thing that's important to me. I see a lot of these guys with the o-rings in the bottom, it's just this thin little o-ring, and you're gonna get seepage over time. It just happens. It gets beyond that o-ring. That does not happen with these.

Then you take the coil out, and that's your base. And it's that simple. That's the whole thing. Airflow here on the bottom. It does spin freely all the way around. There's no clicky and there's no stop on it, but it's got enough tension on it that it isn't too tight and it stays right where I put it every time. And again, there's the coil that was in there. It's the exact same coil, 0.16 so you get two of those in your kit. Put the glass back on there, put the top back on there, and there you have it. That's the whole thing.

Let me just show you filling on this one. And we know that you could take out the whole entire top assembly here and do it, but I just wanna show you that it is easy enough to fill this way, and this cap comes off really well. You just take your eLiquid. See, the hole is right there, and boom. Now, I really should have closed that airflow, but you get the gist of it now, and we'll see. We'll see if it leaks after I did that. It doesn't seem to be leaking at all so far, but I've done it with the airflow closed, so we'll see what happens.

So I have to say that any doubts that I had with the Cleito 120 have gone away. Like I said, when I first saw it, I was like, hmm, I don't know, but it works really well. They do have an RTA or an RBA section that's gonna be coming out for this very soon. They said they're gonna send that to me for testing. And that's just gonna make the tank even better, more capacity, larger tank. It looks a little bit more proportionate with some of the mods and stuff that are out there right now, and it looks great on top of this. You can still top fill it the way that you did before by taking out the entire top and filling it, pouring your liquid in there. For some people, this is gonna be a no-go. The fact that you can't put your own drip tip on here, but you know what, I like that wide bore style and especially if you're gonna be vaping at higher wattage, and you do have to vape at a little bit higher wattage. As matter of fact, let's do this. I'm gonna just vape it at 50 watts real quick just to show you. Well, this is 45 watts.

Well, I'll be darned. It actually does work. Alright, so. Now, if you really wanted to, if you're like, Oh man, my batteries are dying, and I gotta vape this thing at lower wattage. You're still... It's, man, the flavor off this thing is fantastic, as good, or maybe even better than the original Cleito coil. So 45 watts still did work. Where I've been vaping it at and finding a lot of happiness is 75. So I'm just gonna put it on 75 right now.

Copious amounts of clouds, no matter what eLiquid I've had in it and the flavor is fantastic. And again, your flavor is gonna change with how you adjust your wattage. I'll just take it up to 100 watts right now. I was talking to Brad at Brad's Vapor last night on Facebook, and he's like, Yeah man, I'm vaping this thing at 100 watts. And I know Brad pretty well. He doesn't typically vape that high. So, let's go ahead and try that at 100 watts.

It does give a lot of vapor and flavor. That vapor is a little bit hot, and that's probably one of the reasons why they made this whole top piece be Delrin like that so that it's some separation between your lips and the metal of the tank. Let's go ahead and take a few at 100 and see what happens.

You know, no problem. But for me, that is just too hot of a vape. The flavor and everything is really good. I mean, the flavor just pours out of this tank. I'm telling you, man, if you want flavor, and that's not hype. It's just, I use the Cleito tank a lot and I know that that one works really well. This one is just, it's just rolling. Alright, so 75 watts.

For me, that's just perfect, man. It's a nice cooler vape, at least cooler than 100 watts. And again, this is rated at going up to 120 watts. I don't have any reason to do that because that's just not how I vape. It's all about your style, man. If you want 120 watts, go for it. Okay, we're gonna have one more. Let me tell you about the eLiquid.

This eLiquid is dripping with flavor, especially if you like that Rainbow Sherbet, you're gonna love this stuff, man. It is fantastic. I've had a lot of Rainbow Sherbets lately and there are some pretty good ones out there. This one has a little bit more of a creamy undertone than some of the other ones I've tried. It's just Rainbow Sherbet and cream and, it is good., you gotta go sign up for that. I just saw the other day, I was watching Dmitri live on Facebook and he was talking about the fact that the FDA has now answered the lawsuit so they've put in their answer for it. And they're basically asking the judge to just throw it out. I don't think that's gonna happen, but we need funds for Right to be Smoke-Free, which is a coalition of all the different organizations that are bringing lawsuits, including NICOPURE, which is the one that originally filed the a lawsuit against the FDA. So, do need your help and you can find out how to do that at and the other links that I have down in the description for all the other organizations. In fact, Right to be Smoke-Free has a link down there, and you could donate directly. Facebook, I'm updating that all the time with products and information about FDA, so you can check that out. Over 13,000 people on there are also including themselves in the conversation about FDA so that's pretty cool. Also got Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Check those out if you get a chance. If you like beach pictures, well, Instagram is a good place to go. Again, thank you so much for your support of the channel. That's gonna do it for this episode. We'll catch next time on The Vapor Trail Channel.