Cube Tank Coils

Cube Tank Coils

OBS Vape

AKA: M1 Coils, M6 Coils

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Type:Sub Ohm

If you want to keep your OBS Cube 80W starter kit like new and bursting with flavor, then you ought to invest in some of the Cube Tank Coils. These are replacement coils that come with 0.2 coil heads and can function at an output power of 50 to 80 watts but is optimal for 65 to 75 watts. The coils are also made of the high quality Kanthal mesh materials to give each inhale a perfect distribution of air, and it's materials are teamed up with 100% organic cotton fiber to have the best wicking function. It goes without saying that if you have the OBS Cube 80W, don't waste any more time and purchase your replacement coils right away. After all, you never know when you might need them!

Cube Tank Coils OBS Vape

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