Wismec WM Coils

Wismec WM Coils


AKA: Gnome Tank Coils, WM03 Coils

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Type:Sub Ohm

The Wismec WM Coils are made to be used with the Wismec Gnome tank and are also best fit with devices that output between 55 and 65 watts of power for the best vapor production and flavor delivery too. These coils are singles and have 0.4 ohm coil heads that support anywhere between 40 and 80 watts too, so they do have some versatility despite being recommended for a certain range. Customers of the Wismec WM Coils rave about their quality and lifespan, as they are made of high grade material and can be used for a long time before needing replacement. So if this sounds like something you are looking for, take the plunge and let the coils speak for themselves.

Wismec WM Coils Wismec
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Updated WM01 Coil of Gnome King
Credit to: Wismec
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Wismec Wismec WM Coils reviews

Video Transcript: Updated WM01 Coil of Gnome King by Wismec