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What's that, a smoking USB drive? No, it's the fashionable and durable Eleaf iWu system that is here to ramp up your vaping world, stat. From the side of your eye you might think it resembles a USB drive due to its sleek nature, however, this pod system is just made that way to look unique without sacrificing any of its functionality. with a refillable 2 ml cartridge and it's sliding, outer decorative shell, you will be able to protect your mouthpiece while looking fancy too. The 700mAh integrated battery is incredibly responsive and responds automatically after every draw. Some would say the Eleaf it is just cool looking, but current owners of this project will tell you it is very practical and suits vapers of all levels.

Eleaf iWu Eleaf
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Eleaf iWu AIO System & Crunch Time Salt
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Video Transcript: Eleaf iWu AIO System & Crunch Time Salt by Vapor Trail Channel