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The Gnome King Tank is a monster with its range of beautiful colors and is perfect for vapers who are searching for a tank that can produce big clouds. The tank has a sliding top fill door and a bottom airflow control that uses the sub ohm WM atomizer heads. The Gnome King Tank is a fun and exciting way to ramp up your vaping experience in a whole new way, as it is a powerful device that is sure to please you in every way possible. If you are looking for a new tank or a replacement for a former one, give the Gnome King Tank a try and you will not be disappointed.

Gnome King Tank Wismec
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Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual & Gnome King Tank
Credit to: Wismec
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Wismec Gnome King Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual & Gnome King Tank by Wismec

Hey, what's going on everyone out there on YouTube land? So today we're gonna check out the second smallest dual 18650 device on the market. Today we're gonna check out the new Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual 18650. Now, when I say the second smallest device I have the Eleaf Invoke which I consider one of the smallest regulated dual 18650 devices on the market, and when we put the RX GEN3 up against it, you'll see it's actually shorter than the Invoke. Of course, it's a little bit thicker but it is shorter, so it does come in second for being the smallest dual battery regulated device. Now, this is the kit. It will include the Gnome King sub-ohm tank, but you can purchase just the device itself. I got it set to 60 watts, got some of the delicious... Where is it at? Where is it at? Where is it at? There it is, Lemon Killer Kustard from Vapetasia.

I went through all the bottles. This is my last bottle, that's how much I've been loving this stuff, but let's have a quick vape and we shall dive into it, and I'm... My voice, I think for some reason my kid gave me a strep throat, because my voice is starting to sound a little weird. Mmm.

Mmm. This tank performing really nice. You know what's weird? This one that I've been using, this mustard-colored gold has really bad button rattle, but the one that I show you guys in the up close, extremely tight, no rattle whatsoever. So not too sure what's going on. Oh, you know what? I know why. Never mind. I caused the button rattle on this one because... Well, I'll talk about it later on the video but going price. Well, first, let's say this, this is sent over directly by Wismec for the purpose of this review. If you guys are looking to pick one up, or check one out after the video, I have links in the description. Now as I said, you could purchase it as a kit with the tank or mod itself. Going price for the kit, $62 and going price for the mod itself, $49.

So let's have a closer look at the new Reuleaux RX GEN3 dual, this one coming from Wismec. Inside the box you're gonna get the Reuleaux RX GEN3 device. They're also gonna toss in the Gnome King sub-ohm tank which will include one drip tip, two coil heads, two glass tanks. You'll get a micro-USB data charge cable and of course, a user manual. Now the new GEN3 dual measures 74 millimeters tall, 39 millimeters wide, and 37 millimeters thick. It is available and I think five or six different color options. This one I have here as you could see, it's kind of like a bronze, kind of antique finish. And I also have this kind of mustard gold brownish color that I've been using. Now, if we do a quick size comparison of the new dual up against, let's say, the previous 20700 RX, you'll see that it is of course much, much smaller. We compare it next to the original, the OG, the triple 18650 version, of course, once again, much smaller. And let's compare it next to the Battlestar which is the dual 18650 and you'll see that it is much smaller than the Battlestar.

Along the top, you're gonna have your stainless steel threaded 510 connection with a gold-plated spring-loaded pin in the center. To my knowledge, the 510 connection, this press fit from the inside, so you should not have any problems. Now, you'll notice that we have this little ledge right here in the front, how it extends over the side, so this device is actually gonna look good with large atomizers probably up to 28 millimeters before you get any overhang. The previous Reuleauxs, you always get overhang on the front, so we're gonna screw down the 28 millimeter Sherman and you'll see the Sherman, look at that, perfect, no overhang on the front or the sides. On the front, we're gonna have your firing switch and your wattage up and down buttons. The buttons on the new dual appeared to be a little bit of an upgrade. Nice, tight buttons.

We got no button rattle, nice and clicky and responsive. The buttons do stick out quite a bit, so they're easy to locate. We got the JayBo logo on the firing switch. And overall, I've been really enjoying the buttons. Now this little ledge right here, if you got real fat fingers, you might end up kind of touching that ledge at times, when you're pressing the button. But it's not really a big issue. And the wattage adjustment buttons, once again, very clicky, nice, and responsive. The 1.3 inch OLED display very familiar to the previous version, very dark screen, really impossible to read outdoors because they're using this tinted screen protector. I'm not sure why they keep doing this, but it is a really dark screen. We'll dive through the menu system in a moment.

Below that we have a 2-amp micro-USB charge port that also offers for more updates. Along the bottom is gonna be your battery door. We do have some holes canal for battery ventilation, we have the flip style battery door and I will say the door on here is beautiful, nice tight door, you could slam it down, you can drag it across the table top, it's not gonna pop open. The batteries are nice and tight, no battery rattle. And this one is using dual 18650s. I always recommend Sony VTC5A even though I'm not using VTC5As at the moment. But that's the battery I always recommend.

Gold-plated contacts and overall a really nice job with the battery door. Now the fit and finish on this particular one, this one's my favorite because it has this kind of anodized metal of some sort. They're not using a paint on this one, so I think this one's gonna hold up really well. But I just love the way this one looks and it feels solid in the hands, no loose parts. It's a really small device. I can actually hide it in my hand and it's built really well. Aside from the dark screen, I really love the looks and construction of this one. And I also have been using the mustard-colored, gold. I'm not sure what color this is, but this one actually has a finish on there. And you could see, this one is a little bit more of a high gloss finish. But once again, they do offer five or six different colors for you to choose from.

Now, the new GEN3 Dual will go all the way up to 230 watts with a max output current of 50 amps, and an output voltage range of 0.5 volts up to nine volts. It will fire down to a 0.05 in temp mode and a 0.1 in power mode. Now, the display and the menu is all gonna be kind of the same. When compared to the previous one, nothing really changes there. The thing about the menu on this is I always get confused with the wattage up and down buttons, because one button will select it and the other button will scroll through it. And I always get confused which does which. So, one, two, three on the firing switch. You'll see the top start blinking. Hit the wattage down button and you can scroll or you can go through the different settings here. You see everything kind of lighten up there or blinking, should I say. So temp, starts blinking at the top. Hit the opposite button. I can go to TCR or I can go to power mode. If we go back to temperature, hit the opposite button which is the wattage down, and then hit wattage up. And I can scroll through, nickel, titanium, stainless steel. Hit wattage, I think it's down, again.

We can adjust the power to 230 watts, we can lock in the resistance, we can unlock it, and we could change the readout from the amps to the puff counter to your puff timer. And then, if we go back up here again, hit the firing switch. It's gonna save everything in place. Now, the wattage down and the firing switch will put it into stealth mode, which will turn the screen off when you're vaping. But for some odd reason, it pops on when you're not vaping which kinda makes... Oh, there it goes. Never mind. Alright, so the screen is now off. Let's turn stealth mode off, there we go. Wattage up and the firing switch will put us into another sub-menu. And in there, if I can stay in there. There we go. You could turn off your pre-heat, your timeout, your logo, all that fun stuff. One, two, three. Get out of there. And aside from that, holding down the wattage up and down buttons, oops, together is gonna lock the mod. Which will prevent you from adjusting the power or the temperature, but you could still vape while it's locked. Anyways, unlock it, hold down those two buttons again. Five clicks will turn it on and off. One, two, three, four, five. And there we go.

Now, if you purchase the kit, they're going to include the Gnome King Sub-ohm Tank. And on their website, they state that it's a 26-millimeter tank but in reality it's 25 millimeters. Measures 25 at the base, 26 millimeters at the tank section. Now, at the top, they're going to include one of these cobra style drip tips. And this one will not work with your 810 drip tips because the o-rings are on the tip. And I know a lot of you newer vapers out there are probably wondering, What the hell is an 810 drip tip, then, if this is not an 810? A proper 810 drip tip does not have o-rings on the actual tip. And since there's no o-ring in the top cap and no o-ring on the tip, it's simply not gonna stay put. A proper 810 connection will have an o-ring inside the top cap. So all these 810 tips will fit perfectly inside of here. If you try to fit one of these into an 810 opening, it will work. But vice versa, it won't work because there's no o-ring on here. Get what I'm saying? Good, alright.

So this one does have top-fill and it's a slide open top-fill cap. Just look for the little cut-out right there, and it should slide open. There's gonna be your fill port at the top. Now, this tank actually holds a lot of liquid, 5.8 mls of liquid. And they do offer two sizes too but this is the larger size. We do have dual airflow control slots, each slot measures 15 millimeters. So some pretty big air slots. And, of course, we do have a non-adjustable 510 connection at the bottom. You can completely disassemble this tank. Ooh, it's tight. Unscrew this base. There's gonna be your coil head. They include two of these tinted glass tanks, and I believe you're gonna get different colors depending on the color mod that you choose. But we've got some nice, beefy o-rings at the top right there. You can pop that off if you'd like. And they do include two of the same coil head. I wish they included two different coils but these are some new coils, the Wismec WM coils. They're supposed to have a new shape and design to them. But you'll get two 0.4 ohm coils, Kanthal coils in the kit. And they're gonna ohm out to, once again, 0.4. And they're rated for 40 to 70 watts. And here's a quick peek at the new coil.

So let's talk a little bit about the RX GEN3 Dual. For starters, I give Wismec a thumbs-up for cramming all of these components, these two batteries in this small little mod. This thing is tiny, it's almost as small as the Invoke that I showed you guys. And that's one of the smallest dual battery devices on the market. I can almost hide this thing in my hand. And it still looks good with atomizers up to 28 millimeters, which is pretty amazing. So good job there, Wismec. Now, the included tank, the Gnome King Tank, really good flavor. Lots of airflow, no issues with the coil heads. They do state they're using new coil heads. I'm not too sure if they're new because I haven't used the Gnome Tank in a while, but I will say I can get it up to 60 watts with no issues. Anything over 60, it gets a little dry and a little burnt. My only complaint is they offer a 0.15 on their website and I think they should have included a 0.4 and a 0.15, not two 0.4s, that way giving the user a little variety and allowing them to actually experience the high wattage vaping that this thing offers.

They also have an RBA section for this tank, they don't include it in the kit, but you could purchase it separately. Now, the drip tip, don't really like these cobra drip tips. They're too big and too awkward. And I wish China would get it right and put the 810 connection properly on the top so that way we can enjoy and use all our 810 drip tips. But the way it's set up, we can't do that and there is no adapter inside the spare parts bag, so that is kind of a bummer. Easy top-fill, 5.8 ml glass tank. We got the tinted colored tank, which kind of blends with the mod, which is really nice. And the airflow, amazing amounts of airflow. With the 0.4 ohm coil, I actually run the airflow about half open and that seems to be perfect. If I had that 0.15, I would have probably run it wide open. All in all, for a sub-ohm tank, it's actually pretty damn good. Now, the mod, as I was saying earlier, I had some button rattle with this one, the one I've been using. But the one I showed you guys had no button rattle. And I forgot that when I got this and I put batteries in it, I noticed the screen was extremely dark. And if we compare it next to, let's say, a DNA, you could see how dark that screen is.

So what I did, being the idiot that I am, I tried to pull off this tinted screen protector, which is really easy to get off actually. You just get your nail underneath there and it pops right off. The problem is, this screen protector holds the button in place. Look how bright that screen is. Beautiful. Why would Wismec hide that screen? Anyways, your button pops off. So I popped the button back in and then after that, I had some button rattle issues. So with that said, don't be an idiot like me and don't pop off the screen protector and you'll be fine. The buttons are nice and clicky, very responsive. I really do enjoy them, as long as you don't mess with the screen protector. The menu, it's easy to operate. You know I'm not complaining about that. I just forget at times that the wattage up scrolls through the menu, and the wattage down selects it. I wish we had a third button on here. It would just make navigating a little bit easier. If you used to use the previous Reuleauxs, then you'll probably be really comfortable with this menu system 'cause nothing really changed there. Two amp charging, firmware updates over USB. Always a bonus. Nice, tight battery door, no battery rattle, the doors never popped open on me. I can't make the door pop open, so they did a good job there.

Now, this one, the colored version, has a really high gloss like finish to it. So if you get juice on it, or if your hands sweat, it's gonna have that slimy feel to it. The one I showed in the up close is more of like an anodized natural finish and it doesn't have that clear coat. So it feels better in the hands, even if you get liquid on it or you sweat, it doesn't feel slimy. So I much prefer the natural one over the painted one, that's just my preference. But at the end of the day, awesome mod. You know it's a Reuleaux, it's another Reuleaux with dual 18650s, it's much smaller, performs like all the others. And I think they did a really good job on this one, really good job. So yep, thumbs-up, Wismec. There you go, the RX GEN3 Dual. If you guys have any comments or questions, you know exactly what to do. Please hit the Subscribe button and I'll talk to everyone very, very soon. Make sure you guys build safe. I gotta put my button back on. Can I still vape with the button off?

Yes, I can and vape on.