Innokin EQ

Innokin EQ

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The Innokin EQ is a portable pod system that utilizes Plexus mesh coils to provide vapers with an astonishing mouth to lung vape experience. Even though it isn't as fancy looking as many other mods out there, the Innokin EQ has a large 800mAh battery that will surely last you all day long. This device couldn't be easier to use either as all one has to do to get it started is stick the filled pod inside the top of the battery and then click the fire button three times in a row to turn it on, and hold down the button to vape. After a few hours use when you see the LED light glowing red it means that it is time to recharge your Innokin EQ. An extra feature that's sometimes taken for granted is the kit's top cap that can be used to keep dust off your mouthpiece, making it all a clean experience!

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Innokin EQ AIO Kit
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Video Transcript: Innokin EQ AIO Kit by Vapor Trail Channel