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Vaporesso Nexus

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The Vaporesso Nexus is a very portable all-in-one starter kit that is equipped with quick charge technology and adjustable airflow for better customization. In addition to that, this device is very easy to refill with E Liquid, which means that getting started with vaping is now easier than ever. Not only is it incredibly simple to use, but filling up the 2ml tank only involves removing the top cap and stopper, putting the e juice in it and closing it all up again. The Vaporesso Nexus uses some of the latest technology in the vape industry thanks to the OMNI Board Mini chip that gives it all of those nifty features you see and love. Such features include an auto temperature control for continuous big hits, low E Liquid detection and an additional range of safety features that include circuit protection and low power protection. Even though this kit is nice for people who are new to vaping, it is also a nice pocket-sized device for veteran users.

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No Dry Hits / Vaporesso Nexus Starter Vape Kit Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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Video Transcript: No Dry Hits / Vaporesso Nexus Starter Vape Kit Review by Zophie Vapes