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The Vaporesso VECO Tank consolidates all the top features for a commendable vaping experience. A traditional design with a sub ohm tank, a highly effective top airflow system to minimize the risks of leakage and dry hits, and the Vaporesso VECO Tank especially designed to avoid overfilling, unite to give you a fantastic and quality vaping experience. It can be controlled with a simple swivel of the adjustable top airflow enhances your flavorful experiences. The Vaporesso VECO Tank even has a simple coil replacement technology, which can be paired with a range of box mods for supporting your favourite e-liquids.

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Vaporesso Tarot Nano & Veco Tank Kit + Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Vaporesso Veco Tank reviews

Video Transcript: Vaporesso Tarot Nano & Veco Tank Kit + Bam Bam's Cannoli E Liquid by Vapor Trail Channel

It's like the march of the mini mods, the Tarot Nano.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail Channel. I'm Tony. Yeah, and it is, it's like the march of the mini mods lately, there's mini mod after mini mod, which I think is great. Options are awesome, if you don't want to have a three battery, 18650 battery mod that you gotta carry around with you, it might be nice to have one of these. That's not to say it's gonna replace your dual or triple battery mod because these things are not meant to be that way. They're meant to be kind of a specialty case. It's great for going out, but you're not gonna make it through the entire day, even if you're not a heavy vaper when you're using the mini mod. That said, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano does have a 25 milliamp hour battery in it. It is internal so you can't swap the battery out, but it'll last a long time, so you'll get a lot out of it. This mini mod has a lot of features to it. As a matter of fact, pretty much every feature that is in the Tarot pro, the full size big brother of it is in this little mod. So, if you're all about, I need 80 watts, I need temp control and I need custom curves and all that kind of stuff, you're gonna find that on the Tarot Nano. And the kit comes with their latest tank it's called the Veco or Veco. It's a very small tank that fits perfectly on top of this mod, and it uses their EUC, those eco coils and we'll show you all that stuff up close. As a matter of fact, let's go and dig in and let me show it to you.

The liquid that we're gonna be using today is from Bam Bam's Cannoli. They actually have a few different flavors. Let me just show you this here so I don't have to go grab those from downstairs. Bam Bam's Cannoli with the Pebble type cereal on it, and they've got a Cookies and Cream version of it, and then they've got this one that I'm using today which is Captain Cannoli and it's basically a crunch cereal wrapped around a Cannoli. Hello, yes please. Alright, so this is their hashtag on social media and basically what you're gonna get is a box like this, when you buy it, it's like... Let's see, 35.99, you get three bottles at 30 mls a piece that's 90 mls of liquid, that's pretty darn good, and inside the box you're gonna get your different bottles here. This is made by One Hit Wonder E-liquid by the way. Got all the warnings and stuff that you would expect, so, I'm gonna try this one out, in the tank that comes with the Tarot Nano kit. Now, before we show you this, one of the questions I get a lot when I show a Vaporesso product is, do I have to use ceramic coils with that tank because I just don't know that I wanna use ceramic coils.

Well, for whatever reason, you don't have to use them, they actually have traditional coils. These are the EUC coils, eco friendly. I've showed you these before, little bitty coils that have a big, big punch. So they do come at 0.4 ohm Clapton coils as a traditional no ceramic in those, or the ceramic version of them, or another traditional one there is a Clapton at 0.5 ohms. So you do have choices, and inside the pack there are 10 coils for these things, so that's pretty cool. They do have an adapter that you can get for these that you can use these little coils on any tank that uses a standard Atlantis, or Triton style coil. So here's the star of the show. The Tesla Tarot Nano starter kit. Their boxes are always really nice, kind of like Apple product type stuff. Small big it says over here, these are omni board in here, which that is their own board and they're pretty proud of it, and I don't blame 'em, that's... It's got a quality chip on it. And it seems to work really well. EUC coil inside here, here is the contents of the kit. It does come with a Veco tank with the Eco Universal coil installed inside of it, get an extra universal coil, and USB charging cable. There's the back of it, in case you wanna read that.

I'll leave this up here for a minute if you wanna pause it and read it. And when you open up the box, this again reminds me of those little life saver story books I used to get at Christmas. Folds open like that, it just... It looks so nice. Little box over here inside of that, I get an extra coil inside. Let me see what that coil is. This is one of the EUC ceramic coils. Got a USB cable in there, and their USB cables are always of good quality. Warranty card and some information on the coils, inside of there and this will be inside there in the final retail version of it. They just kinda did a printed out folded one but I'm sure that it's gonna be a little book and very thorough instructions. Let me just put this up here for a second. So you can see all of the specs. Then over here on this side, this opens up. The mod was sitting inside like that. Got extra glass and O-rings for the tank.

And then the Veco or V-eco tank, which... It's actually a nice little tank. Luckily I've got all those extra coils, so I've been able to test this thing out and play with it a little bit. Drip tip up top, has double O-rings on it. And then your airflow is actually at the top of this one, but it isn't one of those plunger style tanks, where you put the coil onto the plunger and stick it down in there. You'll see in just a second, but your airflow is up here, only up here, so there's no airflow at the bottom, that does help with leaking. Top of it comes off and that is how you fill it right there, you just drop it right in there. Now, you'll see that the airflow is gonna be coming from that top and this outer ring right there, it'll go into the outer ring of this post down and hit the coil, then come back up. Glass comes off of here. The easiest way to do it is to push it like that, but it is really tight. I'm not gonna bother taking it off there, because I did it when I cleaned it and kind of a pain in the butt. Then the base comes off and your little coil is inside of there.

So this is why they call it the eco coil because this thing is just so darn small. The footprint of it is very small, so when you're throwing this away, you're really not throwing away very much. So this is the traditional coil, and it is a 0.4 ohm 40-50 watt rated coil, so it's a Clapton coil that's inside there. This is not a ceramic one. So, they do give you a ceramic one and a traditional. This is the one that was in the tank, when I got it. I've been using some of the other coils to test it out, but you can see the wire is small up there, and then when you get down into the core of the coil, it is a Clapton, wire. So technically you could have the tank filled up and be able to replace your coil without having to enter your tank which is actually very good. So your coil just drops in there like that and then you can see that their contacts are right there that hit that and you just put this on.

Fill this up with some Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli. So yeah, you don't have to use these ceramic coils with this tank or any other tanks that use that eco coil, that's our EUC coil. So that's pretty cool. Now we're gonna let that sit while we look at the mod and there she is. This is a nice, nice looking mod. I really like it. It's very functional, in fact it has all the functions of the Tarot Pro in a little tiny package. Give you a couple of examples, here is the smoktech H-priv mini next to it. This one's very shiny, so I'm just having to hold it at angles where you don't get all these reflections on it, but that is the Coolfire Pebble next to it, showed you that one yesterday. And unlike its big brother, one of the problems that I had with the Tarot Pro is that it's just so skinny, you put a tank on top of that thing and it's tall and everything, that it falls right over, to me anyways, but this one because it's so small and you're using a smaller tank on it, you really don't have that issue. Got a nice sturdy stainless steel thread at the top and a spring loaded positive pin. USB is on the side of the device, not the bottom of it, which is nice. This is firmware updatable, and the battery is internal, so you're gonna use that to charge it as well.

Fire button, up and down buttons, and the mode button, which is familiar if you're familiar with these Vaporesso mods. So it's Tarot Nano at the top on both sides of it. It has Vaporesso here on the side of it, just like its big brother, the Tarot Pro. Five clicks on this button right here is gonna turn it on. Says Vaporesso and it starts out at 5 watts, this mode goes to 80 watts, and it goes really fast if you're holding that button, look how fast that goes. So you do have to be careful when you're adjusting it, just kind of adjust it and slow down. It does go on point increments, 0.1, but you can actually go really fast, so that really doesn't bother me. Now the chip on this works just like the other chips on the other Vaporesso devices that I've shown you, recently. The Attitude, the Tarot Pro, the Nebula, you get the point. So I'm not gonna go through every single little thing here, but I'm gonna show you some of the features here, but one of the things that's great about this, is that little 's' down there means it's smart, so it's going to give you a smart wattage as soon as you put an atomizer on here. Alright, So we're gonna put that on.

And it's asking if it's a new load. Yes, it is a new load. So we're gonna say that. So it's saying, for this coil at 0.41 ohms, 40 watts is the optimum wattage for that. Some people are gonna say, Well I don't want that. Well, you can go ahead and adjust it any way that you want, but it always starts you off at the suggested wattage for the coil that you have installed. So for people that are new to vaping or if you just don't wanna mess with it, this will help you out a lot. At least it gives you a starting point. Now, I love that they mounted the tank on the center of this mod, because that is really cool. Okay, so you've got your battery meter, over here that is your ohms there, the voltage of the battery, and that is your wattage right there. To rotate the screen you're gonna hold these two buttons at the same time. Rotate it and rotate it back. To lock the device, the up button and the mode button, system is locked but this button right here will work and these will not. Hold them again. Unlocked. This mode button right here, just helps you cycle through all the different modes. You've got wattage, Ni200, stainless steel, titanium.

Memory one, these are for TCR values. Memory two. Bypass, which basically makes it a mech mod. It bypasses the chip set and wattage. Now, when you're in wattage you can go one, two, three, on this button and you can choose to be in CCW mode, which is a custom curve. And then the curve that I've created right there, is how it's gonna fire, so it's gonna fire at a lower wattage there, higher wattage there, and then taper down. And you can change that to whatever you want. I do show you that in some of the other videos, on their chip. And then when you're in temp control you can do the same thing, you can go in here and go, CCT, which is custom curve temperature, the other one is custom curve wattage.

Now, I'm back in wattage but I don't wanna use the custom curve. So three taps on this, one, two, three and then you just go back to VW for variable wattage and hold that button down, and we're back into regular wattage, and again, that's the wattage that it's recommending for the coil that's inside this tank. So this thing has been super popular on my social media, I put a couple of pictures up on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and even Pinterest and people are like, Dude, I gotta see that thing. So I wanted to get it on here and let you guys see it. I've been testing it for about a week and I'm digging it, man, the size of this thing. It's super small. And this would be it next to the Mini Volt just to kind of give you an idea there. It's only slightly larger than the Mini Volt, it's got a lot bigger battery, and it's got a ton of features. Basically, it is the Tarot Pro shrunk down.

So I've been using it quite a bit and I'm digging it, man, I've used several different tanks on it. I actually like the Defender tank from Council of Vapor on here, that also looks good. I don't have it in here to show you, but trust me, it looks great. Pretty much any 22 millimeter tank is gonna fit on here without any over hang off the sides of it, but I don't wanna put something super tall on here. This tank is actually very well suited for it. And I like the fact that you don't have to use the ceramic coils if you don't want to. You can use their traditional... Some Clapton coils which is what I've got in here right now, along with the Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli. I'm digging it, man, I'm using it in wattage mode and I like that it has that smart wattage mode. So you put a tank on there and it tells you what wattage it recommends for the coil that's in there. Of course, you can do whatever you want, you can go up or down from there but at least gives you a good starting point. I think for people that are getting started with this, it's so confusing all this. Oh, custom curves and temp control and how much wattage and ohms.

This way, you drop it on there. And then I guess from there you can kind of figure out which wattage is best for you. So that is cool. The tank functions really well. I get great flavor, off of this. I've tried a couple of different E-liquids in the tank itself. The Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli that I've got in here, let me just put it this way. I have a crunch cereal that I love, the crunch time and that's fantastic. I haven't found a crunch cereal that beats that anywhere. Okay, so there's that. And then I have a couple of bakery vapes that I really like. And this does not beat either one of those, in that respect, okay? It isn't my favorite of the crunch cereals and it isn't my favorite of the bakery vapes, together it's actually pretty good. I don't really get as much crunch out of this one. I think that the cookies and cream is a little bit more accurate to the cookies and cream and the fruity pebbles is a little bit more accurate to a fruity pebbles type one... Well, a fruity cereal wrapped cannoli. Is it good? Yeah, it's good, I do get sugar lips from it. It's just not my favorite one.

But you know what, it might be yours. Again, flavor is so subjective and just because I don't think it's my favorite one, doesn't mean it won't be yours. And for three, 30 ml bottles, 90 mls, at what 35-36 bucks, it's a good deal. It's at least worth trying and if you don't love it, you can sell off the other two bottles or give them to friends. Vape it forward that kind of thing. I'm gonna put a link down in the description to their website, so you can read the descriptions for all of them and check them out for yourself. Again, it's a good price. And the E-liquid is good, it's just not my favorite of either of those genres. Let's go ahead and get a vape.

Yeah, I'll definitely be vaping it though, okay? So my verdict on the Tarot Nano though, and this tank is, I actually like it better than the Tarot Pro. The battery lasts a long time and it's a nice little stealth vape, and I believe that DirectVapor is gonna be carrying this. So I'll put a link down in the description for that. As always, thank you so much for watching the channel. Your comments, your subscriptions. It does help. The comments help to rank the videos higher. And I appreciate you with all of your comments. And I do try to respond to all of them every once in a while, there'll be a block of them that I miss or something. And I do wanna say this, If you make a comment, and you see that everybody else around you has been responded to but you, you might wanna check your settings because I often find that there's people that I can't reply to your comments because your settings don't allow for people to reply to your comments or something like that, so just check your stuff. If I don't respond that might be one of the reasons why, but you are amazing and I appreciate you so much for all your support here on this channel. It's awesome.

Got links down in the description for advocacy and I also have links down there for all of my social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, if you have one of those I'd really appreciate a follow on one of those. Luke is cracking me up over here, I'm trying to do this and he's making all kinds of noise and scratching. I actually have him in a kennel right now because he was being a terror. I'm gonna take him out because a lot of people like to see Luke. Hold on just a second. He is getting so big, look at this dog. Oh my gosh, Luke. Look at this guy, you know, what's funny, is when he lays on his back and he gets his mouth open, like...

He looks like a little albino chewbacca, that's what you look like, a little a little wookie. Yeah, he is a good boy, most of the time, most of the time. Alright, so from me and from Luke, thank you so much for watching the channel. We'll catch you next time on the Vapor Trail Channel.