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Featuring a 25mm diameter design with retractable top fill design, 2.0ml e-liquid capacity, stainless steel construction and dual flow construction, Wismec GNOME makes use of WM02 Dual Coil 0.15ohm atomizer head as well as WM03 Triple Coil 0.2ohm atomizer head. The Wismec Gnome 2ml Tank features an adjustable airflow at the bottom. The Gnome tank showcases a 510 connection and utilizes WM coils, which makes it ideal for those with a flair for subohm vaping.

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The Most Underrated Vape Kit Of 2017! the Wismec RX Gen3!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Video Transcript: The Most Underrated Vape Kit Of 2017! the Wismec RX Gen3! by RiP Trippers

You guys are looking at the most underrated vape kit of 2017, this is the Wismec RX Gen3. I can't believe I'm not seeing people just shout off the rooftops about this product, how great this thing is, and by the way, the RX Gen3, this is considered old in the vape market. This is four months old. I've been testing this sucker for three months. Three freaking months. I've let multiple friends use it, and I've come back and I'm excited to say, this thing is bitchin. I had not seen anything about this. Nobody's freaking talking about this mod, this kit, and I just can't believe it. How is this thing not in every brick and mortar, and why aren't people vaping on it more? I just don't get it, it just blows my mind.

But this thing right here, the RX Gen3, I had to test it. And the reason why I had to test it for three months is because the Predator 228. I got it. I vaped on it for a week. Raved about it. And then people were having issues with the 510 connection coming out and all that stuff. So, you know what? I wanted to take my time with this, and I'm glad I did. I'm glad to report to you guys, this is a go, man. I usually don't say I recommend things anymore. I usually leave it up to you guys. But if you're looking for a mid-range wattage kit, all the way up to a high wattage kit that comes with a nice sub ohm tank, this is it. This right here is better, I'm telling you, it's better than 99.999% of any smart vape kit out there.

Yeah. Smallest triple 18650 high wattage mod that I've ever dealt with. Look at that. Triple 18650 mod. Sub ohm tanks. Killer. Cool little shape. You'll see this in the close-ups. 25 millimeter sub ohm tank. But this mod right here, holy sniky. The sub ohm tank that comes with it, is just the cherry on top. Highly, highly, highly freaking recommend this RX Gen3 guys. I can't flipping believe this isn't as popular as the Alien kit. Or the ProColor or the T-PRIV. Is it 'cause there's not flashing lights all over it? What the fart. This is better than all those kits. It's better 'cause you get tons more battery life. It's way more compact for that battery life. You could vape it all the way up to 300 watts. I don't know why anyone... Why anybody would wanna do that, but you could do it if you want. You got the wattage options. You got the temperature options. You got TCR. Like I said, the most underrated vape kit of 2017. Alrighty, so here's the box this Reuleaux RX Gen3 comes in.

And inside that packaging, it comes with the Gnome sub ohm tank. Comes with an extra drip tip which is made of Delrin. You get this extra glass tinted tube. You get an extra coil head. Oh yeah. You get your RX Gen3 mod. A USB cable for charging, and upgradeable firmware. You get this battery warning card. A coil head user guide. A Gnome sub ohm tank user manual. And last but not least, an RX Gen3 mod user manual. First thing's first. Let's go ahead and talk about this Gnome sub ohm tank, okay. She's 25 millimeter in width at the base, and she's 41 millimeter in length. Now, I've only seen this in one color, and that is this one, which is black.

Down here at the base, she's got dual bottom adjustable air flow. You grab a hold of this ring, and you twist and turn, it stops in one direction, stops in the other, and whatever you adjust on this side is gonna be the same on this side. The 510 pin does protrude just a little bit. I do not recommend using this on your hybrid top devices, not that you would for a sub ohm tank, but I'm just stating okay. The threads are nice and smooth. And what does she say down here at the base, Wismec Gnome. At the top of this tank comes with its own proprietary drip tip, Ultem drip tip. As you guys can see, it says Wismec on the side, and she fits snug as a bug. Here's the inside of the catch cuff. Like I said, snug as a bug.

And like I showed you before this bad boy also comes with a proprietary Delrin drip tip which fits snug as a bug as well. So here's a regular old 510 drip tip, which does not come with this Gnome kit, okay, but I just wanted to show you that your 510 drip tips will be compatible with this tank. Where that Jaybo logo is you take your thumb, and you slide it over, and that's your top fill. Easy peasy, what a sleazy. Once you're done filling her up, you just slide her back in, it locks into place and you're good to go. Now this sucker holds 4 mls of juice or 2 mls of juice. It's got this little silicone plug in here which you can pull out. With a silicone plug in, it holds 2 mls. With the silicone plug pulled out, it holds 4 mls.

I really like that feature. Instead of having an extension, they got a little plug in there. So the base and coil head unscrew from the tank section. You take your tank out, and there's that silicone plug in there. So you pull that out if you wanna go in 4 ml mode, or you leave it in if you wanna go in 2 ml mode. And the reason why they include this silicone plug is to make it TPD compliant. So I definitely don't think it's a con not being able to put this bad boy back in there, because it's the same size tank, and without it you get more juice capacity. So again, here's the inside of the top cap without that silicone plug. The coil head that comes pre-installed into the base is the WM02 dual.15 Ohm coil head, 30 to 70 watts recommended, you get your feed slots. Uses organic Japanese cotton.

And here's the inside of that base. Now the other coil head that comes with this kit is the WM03 triple.2 Ohm, 40 to 130 watts. Also, it uses organic Japanese cotton. You get your feed slots, triple coil, like I mentioned. And today, I'm gonna be using this triple coil head, but you screw it into the base just like all your other sub ohm tanks nowadays. Go ahead and prime up your coil heads. I always wanna prime 'em up. And the juice of the day boys and girls is the Blueberry Custard from my own plume line. If you are a big fan of blueberry, and you like custard, ho, ho, ho you gotta give this a try. We're selling it over at Vapetrik.com. Go ahead and screw everything together, make sure she's nice and tight. You always wanna complete that vacuum. Push and slide and fill her up.

Once you're done, slide her back in, locks into place and we are good to go. Good to go with this, GNOME. Now, onto the Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Mod. Color options, color options, color options. You do, you have color options for this. I've seen black and red, as you guys can see. I've seen black and black. I've seen brown and black, gray and black and green and black. As far as materials goes, this thing feels like it's made of aluminum, majority of it is aluminum. On the front is plastic, obviously. But as far as measurements goes, she's 74mm by 49mm, by 40mm. At the top of this device, as you guys can see, it says Reuleaux RX GEN3. You got your 510 connection over here. 510 connection threads are made of stainless steel. Got a spring-loaded 510 pin.

And I'm gonna go ahead and tell you right now, in the three months that I've been using it, I have not had any issues with this 510 connection. It is the best 510 connection that Wismec's put out to date. I'm confident enough to say that you're never going to have issues with this 510 connection coming loose or coming out. On one side of the mod it says Wismec, you got this little open slit so you're going to be able to see your batteries. That may be a con, it may be a pro to some of you guys, but it's supposed to keep this device cooler. So yeah, Wismec, got a little slit on this side. You got Wismec and a little slit on this side.

On the front of this device at the top, you got the JayBo fire button. Underneath that, you got your menu screen. Wattage up/wattage down buttons down here. And then below that, you got your USB port for charging and upgradeable firmware. At the base, you got the JayBo logo, the Wismec logo. And then you got six holes or slots for battery venting and this is the battery door. So you just press down, it opens up. This is the easiest battery door that I've used from Wismec. So as you guys can see underneath that hood, everything is just spotless. You got your markers, plus, plus, minus. And I don't know if you guys can see that, you probably can't, but minus, minus, plus. Like I said before, this sucker holds three 18650s. Once you pop your batteries in there, you just push down the battery door, push it down, it slides back into place and we're good to go. So yeah, this battery door is so easy to work with. You just push it up, it pops up. Push it down, it pops in. Now, the 18650s that I'm going to be using today are the Hohm Work batteries I'm using the same brand, all three of them, and I bought these brand new just to use the RX GEN3 and that's called marrying your batteries. I'm using them in the exact same way, every time. They charge together. They go to work together.

So now that we have those batteries in there, you're going to be able to see those batteries because of those open slots. Now, that may be a major con for some of you guys, but it may be a pro because you have more ventilation. And also, those slots are meant to keep this device cooler. So here's what the main menu screen looks like when you first turn her on. You get the power up top, wattage, you get the voltage, the resistance, the puff counter and then the triple battery gauge down below. And she vapes all the way up to 300 Watts 1 Watt to 300 Watt. And she does not round robin. You could vape her in stainless steel, nickel, titanium. In temperature mode, you can adjust the wattage down here, and it does round robin. You got 3-in-1 settings. Okay, you got M1, M2 and M3. And while the device is off, when you hold down the fire button, the wattage up button down at the same time, you could go in and you can adjust the TCR. And that's for M1, M2 and M3.

While the device is off, if you hold down the wattage up/wattage down buttons, what it's going to do is it's going to flip the screen. You can run her in stealth mode by holding down the fire button and the wattage down button down at the same time. To take her out of stealth mode, you do the exact same thing. To lock just the wattage, what you got to do is hold down the function buttons, wattage up/wattage down buttons down at the same time and you can adjust the wattage. But you can't fire her up. Just to give you guys a size comparison, on my left is the RX2/3, on my right is the RX GEN3. The RX GEN3, as you guys can see, is significantly shorter, significantly. I mean it's a big difference, they're about the same width. If you overlap them, about the same width. But this bad boy right here, it fits my hand so much better, so much easier. This sucker is just, it's taller, it's more galootish. This bad boy is the smallest triple 18650 mod that I've dealt with to date. And here's what this RX GEN3 looks like with the GNOME tank on there. And I'll tell you what, they're made for each other.

And here's a close up view for you. Like I said, 25mm tank, there's no overhang. So all your 25mm devices are going to look the tits on here, 24 and 25. First con for this device, and this is nit-picky, this is definitely going to be subjective, but the front portion of this mode is a fingerprint magnet. Look at that. Next con, this is definitely a nit-picky one, a subjective one but you've got these slots that are open. Some of you guys may not like them because when you have your batteries in there, you're going to be able to see them. And the last con that I have found for this, and this is definitely the biggest con in my opinion, but there is button rattle. Hear that? Yeah, so you definitely have some button rattle there. That may be a big con to you. Oh yeah, another con that I'll mention that I didn't list as a con, but anything over 25mm and you're going to have overhang off the front. Oh yeah, one more con I almost forgot to mention, this is the last one, I promise. And this pertains to the tank, but this is not 810 drip tip compatible.

But that is it, guys. Those are the only cons that I could find for this device. Everything else, pro-diggity-doh. So before I go over the pros, I got to vape on this thing. Okay, so she's reading at... What is she reading at? 0.21 ohms, 67.5 Watts. It's got the airflow wide open and the build of the coil head that I have in here is the 0.21 ohm. Like I said, it comes with two coil heads. I prefer the triple. I get better flavour off the triple, but the dual gives me great flavour. Definitely getting above average flavour for these coil heads. Now, I'm going to state this, and I didn't state this in the close-ups, okay. But this may be a nit-picky con to some of you guys, there is more of a break-in with these coil heads. For the first, I would say 10, 15 hits, I got an earthy cotton taste. And then that went away and I got full-on flavour. But yeah, at 67.5 Watts, airflow wide open. You know the drill. The draw that I get off this sub-ohm tank, wide open, is perfect for me. Nice restrictive lung hit, baby. And it's smooth. You guys hear that? That's wide open. I'm going to close her off just a little bit, that's halfway. Close her off a little bit more. Hoo! That's good, all across the board. But my cup of tea is wide open. Chucking tits.

So yeah, digging this sub-ohm tank. Really, like the top fill, like how it slides open and you could fill her up. Holds two mls of juice or four mls. That little silicone plug in the top cap, I think that's genius. Most people aren't gonna vape in 2 ml mode and that's why they make it to where it's kinda disposable, and I get it. Just pull that sucker out, go to four ml mode, same sized tank. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Like their proprietary drip tip. The Ultem tip, you could use the black one if you want, or you could use your 510 drip tip, big pro. Like I mentioned before, the airflow for this, perfect amount of restriction, just wide open. Now, the airflow hogs, you're not gonna like it. It's gonna be too tight for you, just gonna let you know right now. But for me, I am digging it.

You get an extra glass tinted tube, like you saw in the close-ups. And I like how it's just a little bit of tube showing, a little bit of tube. Little bit of that juice showing. Now, the mod, the mod. Oh, the mod. First of all, it comes in different color options, triple 18650. Not only is it triple 18650, but it is the smallest triple 18650 mod that I've dealt with to date. And the battery life, forget about it. 67.5 watts with triple 18650s, I can go for a fricking, a long time. Just like the majority of the past Reuleauxs, this Reuleaux is pretty much shaped the same, except it's smaller. It's just ergonomic, it feels good in the old hand. Feels solid, especially with the batteries in there. Got some nice weight to it.

Now, that may be a con to some of you guys, having too much weight to it. It's not too much, but it feels like a brick. Not like a brick. But you know what I mean. It's just, it's hefty, it's hefty, it's hefty. Just like I mentioned before, and I mentioned in the close-ups, you got temperature options. Nickel, titanium, stainless-steel. I don't ever use the temperature mode but you have the option. You got TCR, you got all your M1 settings. Okay, and you can vape this thing in regular wattage, which is to be expected. The battery door for this, oh I like it. I like it a lot.

I like it a lot better than the other Reuleauxs. This was just so easy, it's so convenient. You just press down and out, and it opens. Pop your batteries in, press down, push in and it closes. Easy-peasy, what a sleazy. The fact that your 24 or 25 millimeter devices are gonna fit great on here, there's not gonna be overhang off the front, that's a big pro. Even though there's button rattle with the JayBo firing button, I like it. It's grown on me, it's comfortable. It protrudes just a little bit but not too much, in my opinion. And it's nice and clicky.

Another thing I wanna point out, if you're gonna be vaping this thing at higher wattages, just know this: It's gonna get warm to hot on you. And that's why they put the slots on the sides to keep it cool. But because it's small, compact and it's able to push out a lot of power, it will get hot. Hell, I'm just digging the whole kit, man. I really am. I really wanted to come out the first week I used this but I was like, Ah, I can't, I can't. I don't wanna do the same thing I did for the Predator 228. So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. Took my time with it, and here we are. Price point, price point, price point. I'm seeing online shops selling on average about 70 bucks. I'll post links down in the description of the sites that I know of that are credible that are selling this right now. Now, onto the big question, the big answer today. I already answered it but I'll answer it again for you guys. Who do I think this is for? Which vaper out there is gonna benefit from this the most? This is for the mid-range wattage vaper all the way up to the high wattage vaper.

If you're looking for a vape kit that comes with a sub-ohm tank and a killer mod, then get this mother-chucker. Highly recommend it. Like I said, right now this thing is the most underrated kit on the market right now. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, liked it, found it entertaining and helpful. If you did like this video, then please like it down below. Hit that like button. And if you wanna see more of me, then subscribe for more. This is RiP Trippers. And remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future. And the future is now.