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The Luxe Kit by Vaporesso is a powerhouse with all of the bright all screen design and having a great strong wattage capability. The Vaporesso Luxe kit uses dual high rate batteries that support up to 220 watts of power, as well as an interchangeable battery door that is magnetic and easy to replace quickly when needed. Due to this device having an all-screen design, it stands out from the other mods out there that have OLED screens as it supports many different modes and functions. The kit also has a Skrr sub ohm tank with a quadflow air distribution system to give you the best flavor all around. Vaporesso has found the sweet spot for balancing flavor and vapor production with the Luxe Kit as the 8ml large capacity coils really make the taste of the E Liquids much bolder and the clouds even thicker.

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Vaporesso Luxe 220W Kit with SKRR Sub Ohm Tank / Review
Credit to: Zophie Vapes
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Video Transcript: Vaporesso Luxe 220W Kit with SKRR Sub Ohm Tank / Review by Zophie Vapes

For you today I have Vaporesso's Luxe kit. So the Luxe mod goes up to 220 watts, of course it does temperature control, has memory settings, TCR, custom power curves for wattage, for temperature control, bypass mode, and super player mode as well. So you can use this with RDAs and it'll fire down to 0.03.

It is a touch screen mod, but it's designed in a way where you're not gonna accidentally mess up your settings. So let me just stop talking... Well, actually let me talk more about it in the up-close part of this video.

Alrighty, so here's how this kit comes packaged. On the back, there's a little description, specifications, kit contents. Now, the ones I got, these are pre-release versions so they're kind of missing some stuff. Full retail version will have glass here and an additional coil. I do have the additional coil but it's underneath all of this. So in this little box, I'm guessing that's where the manual is gonna be. I didn't get one of those either, so this will be fun.

So mine just came with the USB cable for charging and firmware updates and an extra coil. So this is the SKRR tank, with this bubble glass it holds 8 milliliters, with the additional glass piece that they're gonna include it's gonna hold 5. So the diameter of this thing is 27.8 millimeters and then at its widest point, right here, the diameter is 30.

On the bottom there's one, two, three air hole slits. This is adjustable, and on a stopper. So this is top filling, and it may look like other tanks, but it's not. The way to open this up is different. There is a child lock. You have to unscrew the drip tip and the drip tip is size 810. You can use other tips with this, however, with this tip, this is the only way to open up this tank and then you fill it here. And when you bring it back, make sure it's all the way otherwise this won't screw back in.

Let's see how this tip from Avictor Tech looks on here. So this is the work around for the child lock. You can just put a different tip on it and now it's just gonna swivel open.

So these are Vaporesso's newest coils. That is crazy looking. This is the QF Strip. This one is 0.18 ohms and it can be vaped between 60 and 90 watts. The other coil was pre-installed and this is the additional coil. This is also very similar looking but it's different. This is the QF Mesh, so this is a mash coil, the other one is a strip coil. This one's also 0.18 ohms, but this one can be vaped between 55 and 85.

So here, you can kind of see what's going on inside with the airflow and these crazy coils.

So, finally here is the mod, and it does have some protective wrap on both sides. So once that protective wrap is gone, you've got yourself a nice fingerprint magnet. Yeah, this thing gets filthy. On the back here is the battery door cover, this mod holds two 18650s, which are not included.

Here's the 510 connection. I like that it's centered. It's not too springy, however, just a little bit of spring to it.

Fire button, USB port, no other buttons. This is a touch screen mod. And here is a look at the bottom. Some battery ventilation.

One, two, three, four, five clicks, turns it on and you might have heard that, not really sure, but it does vibrate and you can turn that off and you can also increase, decrease the level of intensities.

Battery life indicator for each battery. Right now, the device is locked, so I can still fire the mod and when I'm firing down here, you can see voltage, there's a puff timer, resistance of the coil is showing 0.16, and this is a puff counter. One, two, three clicks get's rid of the little lock symbol. So now I can use these little... They're not really buttons, 'cause it is touch screen. These little dots to adjust my wattage. It fires as low as 5 watts and then it goes all the way to 220 watts.

It's kind of slow, a little bit slow in my opinion. And once it gets there, it stops and unfortunately it doesn't round robin. So you do have to go back. And when I'm doing this, the MOD is vibrating. It's just letting me know that I'm changing the settings.

So now I'm just gonna leave it right here. I can either click on the fire button, which will lock the device or I can just wait for the lock-symbol. There it is. But, yes, clicking the fire button will put it there too. One, two, three clicks unlocks the device. Down here this may look like a logo. Well, I guess it is but one, two, three clicks on that brings you to the main menu. Right now, I'm in wattage mode, normal vape strength, well I guess these are like little pre-heats, or vape strengths, there's also VWH, which is hot, and VWS for soft.

Next one over, this is a custom power curve. So here I can use the fire button to navigate. First little row, can use the up and down periods, buttons, to set that where I want it, click on the fire button, brings me to the next one and so on.

It's pretty easy. It's actually a really simple power curve. And then once you have it where you want it, click on this. And... Oops. And here is your custom power curve. After CCW, SP, this stands for super player mode. This is for RDAs. So the mod will fire as low as 0.03 ohms all the way to 5 on this mode. After super player, this is voltage mode, after voltage, there's power curves for temperature control. The other one was for power mode. And here's temperature controls. So this is for a stainless steel, you can set the TCR, set wattage, so you can adjust wattage in temperature control mode, power curves. And then you can lock and unlock the resistance. And you can do this for nickel, titanium and there's even a couple of memory settings.

BP, this is bypass mode. It turns this into an unregulated device, but you're still gonna have all the safety features. Last thing in here, settings. Time set, pretty self-explanatory, I think. Next one down is screen brightness. It is at 100%, but you can dim it. After that puff counter, this is where you can reset everything. Sure, why not.

Theme color, you can change some of the colors on the screen. Let's go with blue. Smart, so, this will set the temperature or wattage based on the resistance of the coil. I think it's just for wattage but I'm not positive on this, I don't have the manual. Then there's auto on and off, so I guess the mod will turn off automatically if you want it to. Screen time out, this is a standby mode, how many seconds or minutes before the screen goes dark. It just goes into standby mode. So it does go all the way to an hour and as little as just mere seconds. Key light. So I guess that's the light under these. It's at 100%, but you can dim it. Vibrate, here's those vibrations. I guess I had it at max, but you can completely turn this off.

Last thing on here you can restore everything to factory settings.

There it is.

The tank, it holds 8 milliliters of e-liquid. That's great, you're gonna need it. It is a juice guzzler. It's also gonna come with another piece of glass, but I have the pre-release version, so mine didn't even have a manual.

So those crazy looking coils, the mesh, strip, coils, they're okay. I mean, I'm not getting any spit back, I'm not getting any leaking, so that's great, but I feel that flavor's a little bit muted, it's not as good as a lot of other mesh and strip coils. In fact, I think the coils that they had before this were more flavorful. Maybe also flavor is affected because the coils are made out of cotton and flax it's like a combination, but I don't know I think it could be just the design of the coil.

The most annoying thing about this kit has got to be that child lock. I mean, come on. It's no longer easy to fill. You've got to unscrew the drip tip, and then slide this open. If you don't take this off, you can't slide that open but there is a way to just completely avoid that by using your own drip tip. And then if you don't slide this back perfectly this doesn't wanna screw back on here.

Oh, and this, I don't know what that... What that is. I don't know what it means. USB input protection. I haven't put anything into the USB. But the USB does support pass through charging and 2.5 amp fast charging. And speaking of fast, the mod, because of that chipset in there, that OMNI Board, it does fire pretty quickly.

It is a fingerprint magnet. This thing looks filthy, fast.

Screen, it's kind of dim so inside it's fine, but if you take it outside it's hard to see. And my other issue is that it doesn't round robin. So once I get to my max wattage, I just have to go back.

What they should have done is just waited, sent me all of the colors, once they had them all available, so I could show them to you guys and give them a way. So yeah, I only have one extra, it's also in black, missing a whole bunch of stuff 'cause it's the pre-release version. I don't like giving stuff like that away Vaporesso. But, yeah, no, give away for this on YouTube, it's gonna be on my Instagram page as soon as this video is up. And it's just zophievapes, all one word.

So, that's it. That's pretty much all I wanted to say about this kit. If you guys are interested in picking up one of these, I'm pretty sure Vaporesso is selling them directly on their site. And there's gonna be bunch of other places as well. Like Heaven Gifts, Element Vape, I'm sure VaporDNA will get them too. They're between $75 to $97, depending on where you look.

Alright so, that's it. I've got to go. If you wanna find me elsewhere I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my other channel where I never post but I will one day, maybe, it's called Just Zophie and just don't go there. Alright, I've gotta go. Bye.