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If you're familiar with the original Revenger design and loved it, then you will want to try out the Revenger X 220W kit. This design has all the original benefits of the first edition of the Revenger, but with a newly streamlined blueprint that allows you to experience an immersive vaping session. The Revenger X 220W has a newly improved airflow system that gives you more flavor with each vape, and a lot more cloud action as well. There are a number of different GT coils that are available to use with the Vaporesso Revenger X, which means that you are able to customize your vape experience even more so. Additionally, every kit comes with a 0.15 ohm GTB core already installed and an extra 0.15 ohm GTA4 core too.

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Vaporesso Revenger X 220w Kit! | & Zamplebox!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Video Transcript: Vaporesso Revenger X 220w Kit! | & Zamplebox! by IndoorSmokers

Welcome back, my lovely vapesters to the start of a brand new week here on IndoorSmokers. Today I'm excited to be looking at a brand new version of the Revenger mod from Vaporesso. Everybody really liked that Revenger mod when this thing came out about six months ago, and I think you guys are going to love the brand new Revenger X in the American flag motif.

I'm proud to be an American.

Well, maybe not quite as proud as I used to be, but that's a discussion for another time. So we're going to be taking a look at this Revenger X, the brand newest of the mods from Vaporesso. So this thing not only does a lot more watts, but it also has this killer Fourth of July type of design to it. So that is your NRG tank, and this is the Revenger mod itself that does come with a replacement glass piece. And you also have your different seals and things in there, as well as a replacement coil right down there. This other side here is going to basically be your instruction books and your micro-USB cord. I do love the fact that they give you this kind of metal type USB cord, I like that a lot better than the plastic-y ones. Verification codes, instruction manuals for both the tank and the mod itself, all right in there. But what we want to look at is right here, that Revenger X. Now, I did already pop the batteries into this. It does take two 18650s, just like that.

And then we also have this red and blue 5 ml NRG tank that's going to go with the mod right here. If you guys look real careful, you can kind of see subtle little up and down arrows. This is actually going to be a touchscreen right here. Let's unlock that first, and then I'll show you guys how easy this thing works. So you kind of just have almost an invisible, little up and down arrows, one on each side here, you're going to use those to go up and down in either wattage or temperature control. So you're just going to need to tap that little action button three times to get into your menu functions. And then from within these functions, you can do your variable wattage: Hard, normal, soft. You can also get into your temperature controls. You have your TCRs, CCWs, and CCTs, you can adjust all that stuff in here, so it does have all of those different curves and everything that you can fucking get into. And this also has the newest version of the 2.2 OMNI board already installed in here. But I believe you can also do firmware upgrades as well as charging the unit right on that micro-USB on the bottom there. Perfect placement for it, so you can stand the unit up while you're charging it. This thing will work as a pass-through. Now, the tank itself is a 5 ml tank, this does have a 0.15 resistance coil in it.

And that is the G4 dual vertical coils that I have in here right now. The other one that comes with it is also a 0.15, that is the G8 quadruple double coils going in there. So the G4 Coil that I have in there right now has a 30-70 watt vaping range or a 40-65 watt best. That other replacement G8 coil is going to have a 50-115 watt range. It's 60-80 watts being rated as its best vape. So besides doing 5-225 watts, this thing will also do temperature control between 200 and 600 Fahrenheit, 100 and 315 Celsius. And you're going to be able to read resistances down to 0.05 in temperature control or down to 0.1 in wattage mode. So before we get into firing this bad boy up, we're going to have to go ahead and fill this tank a little bit. And to do that, I think I'm going to go back to my ZampleBox. I got one here that still has a few bottles of juice left in it. And like I was thinking, there is still that raspberry. This is from Fruit Juice. And if you guys don't know, ZampleBox is an e-juice of the month club. It's just like a wine of the month club, fruit of the month club, that type of thing. You get to fill out your form with all of your flavor preferences. When you sign up and then you decide how many bottles you want to get. They have the silver or the gold. I believe this one here is the silver with six bottles.

I actually have the 30 ml bottles here, which is also an option you can use when you get your ZampleBox each month, you can thumb up or thumb down the flavors. And then that way it will get more and more specific to your flavor pallet as the boxes come in. And I love it because I do get to find out about a lot of juices I never would have probably known about if they hadn't come in my ZampleBox. So this one today is the raspberry. I love sweet fruity e-juice, so this is right up my alley. And no, that doesn't mean I keistered it. I'm just saying, it's right in the flavors I love. Alright, let's go ahead and fill up this tank. I'm going to show you guys how to do that. There is a little mark on here. You can see that? That little mark o, but just a little mark. You're going to just slide that back and the tank will pop open, and then you got your refill slot right there. Put it in the slot, that's what she said, and you will be able to get a full 5 ml of juice down in here. She's taking everything I can give her. You just slide that back into place, to lock it in. And I've got this thing set in variable wattage right now, as you see, you can see your resistance, your wattage, your battery charge. You can also see if you have your wattage set to hard, normal, soft. We have it set to normal right now. And there's also a voltage meter on there, which shows up when you press the button.

So we've got this set at 50 watts right now, it is reading this as a 0.16 resistance. And we're just barely doing 3 volts to get this 50 watts, so very low voltage vape. But alright guys, here is my first 50-watt vape on the new Revenger X kit. Let's check it out.

Little bit longer drag than I usually like. I do have this set, full open airflow. As you can see, there is a collar down here. That will allow you guys to close and open your airflow just like so. Now, I'm going to go ahead and turn this thing up. And now some of you guys will notice, almost every time you stop adjusting the settings on this thing and you go into vape it, it is going to turn off the screen, it's going to lock it basically, and you're going to have to press it three times. And of course, that is, so you are not accidentally adjusting your wattage and things. Those touchscreens can be kind of touchy, hence the name touchscreen. So yeah, you can say it's touchy like Trump. Alright, or touchy like Al Franken, whatever, depending on which side of the aisle you're on, but either way, this touchscreen will not adjust until you've pressed it three times.

Now, it says 40-65 is the best, so I'm going to go ahead and try to do it at its best. Let's do 65 here. Alright, we got it at 65. We are still only doing 3.25 volts to get this vape. So you're not pushing a ton of voltage out of this thing. I do think that's going to help save on your battery life. I may be mistaken, but that's just my assumption. I'm not running through Ohm's law in my mind or anything. I don't care around the Pythagorean theorem up there either. So that's something you might be able to find on your calculators, I ain't sure. But alright, here is the 65 watt vape, 3.27 volts.

So just amazing vapor production on this. I love the way the vapor just sort of hangs right in the air like that. And although this thing may not be as airy as the TFV8 tanks, it definitely has as good a flavor on it. Alright, we're going to go ahead and max this coil out at 70 watts. The other one on there can do up to a 110, we will definitely come back and check that one out next time. I want to have time to get it primed up and shit before we use it. But at 70 watts, we are now doing 3.4 volts, so still not a ton of volts, even on this high end of this. But let's see how quicker vapes we can get at 70 watts on the new Revenger X... God damn! Little one-and-a-half, two second vapes, still getting plenty of cloudage. Oh, yeah. So I got this one directly from the company, I have not seen if they have other colors available on the websites. So let's go ahead and take a look right now and see what else you got available in the new Revenger X kit. But all right guys, just vaping on this thing makes me feel more patriotic.

But I think that's about everything we got to go through on the Revenger. It does, of course, have that center placement, which I love on these, so you don't feel like it's out of balance or anything. Spring loaded 510 threading, reciprocal 510 threading on the tank. Now, if you guys want to go and check out the Revenger X kit for yourself, I will put that link right down in the subject box AKA the crotch box. And if you guys could be so kind as to tell me your thoughts about the new Revenger X down in the comments, maybe I can talk Vaporesso into sending me a few more for you guys to do as a giveaway, 'cause we all love giveaways! Especially when I ain't got to pay for them. Except for mailing cost, I guess, that's always on me. But anyways, thank you very much, Vaporesso, I am very impress-o-ed with your new Revenger X kit. And if you guys are interested in checking out the ZampleBox, I'll put a link right underneath this video where you can go over and get a subscription of ZampleBox for yourself as well. And then I'm going to take one more Revenger X vape to send you guys on your way. I hope you guys are having a great Monday. And if not, well, it'll be Tuesday soon, and I will be right back here with you guys with a brand new product to look at. Then maybe on your way out you guys could subscribe to this channel if you haven't already. Ring the little bell so you get the notification when the videos go up.

But alright guys, here you go, final 65 watt vape on the Revenger X kit. And then I got to make like a vape and blow. I will see you guys on the next one. Revenger out.