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Providing the best balance ratio between performance, size, and functionality, the Vaporesso Target Mini 40W TC Starter Kit provides attractive features such as an ultra-compact side-carry form factor with maximum output of 50W, integrated 1400mAh battery, and the 2mL Vaporesso Target Mini Sub-Ohm TC Tank. The internal onboard can fire up to 40W, whereas its 1500mAh battery capacity, with minimum atomizer resistance of 0.1ohm and versatile temperature control suite supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and cCell Ceramic heating elements. Measuring 36.5mm by 24.2mm by 58.1mm, it is made from superior zinc alloy with beautiful carbon fiber inlays, The drip tip caters to Direct-to-Lung (DTL) and Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping style.

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Target Mini Kit by Vaporesso!
Credit to: RiP Trippers
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Vaporesso Vaporesso Target Mini reviews

Video Transcript: Target Mini Kit by Vaporesso! by RiP Trippers

Oh, Nellie! So there's a new starter kit in town, and it's a little starter kit. It's a little bitty-bitty bopper, okay, and she packs a little punch. To me, she packs a little punch. It's a 40-watt mod, 40-watt kit, okay. This is the Target Mini by Vaporesso. Cute little packaging. All the girls are gonna flock to this, man. All the girls and the girly guys. I guess I'm one of the girly guys, I don't know. No, I'm kidding. I like stuff that's small. I like stuff where it's stealthy, where I could go out. I can pop it in my shirt pocket and I can just go. And no one knows I'm vaping. I'm just doing it; I'm enjoying it. This is a great little kit.

Now, if you are a big fan of the Mini Volt, look at this. Here's the Mini Volt. Look how small that little bitty bopper is, okay. Here's the Target Pro compared to the Mini Volt. Whoa! That's a big difference. Big difference! Now, here's the Target Mini. About the same size; about the same size. This is a 40-watt device; this is a 40-watt device. This does not have temperature control, does not; this has temperature control. It supports nickel, titanium, and stainless steel. Yeah, so they're about the same size, and this is better.

She's got a built-in 1400-mAh lithium battery, and for what she does, 40 watts, I get good battery life. Like I said, this is what I take out and about with me. I'm not gonna sit with this thing all day and yet expect crazy battery life 'cause it's not gonna give it to me. But the fact that it's built-in and the fact that it's tiny, and also the fact that it comes with this Guardian tank which has top airflow. It's got top-fill, it's got the new Cubis cCell ceramic-type coil head, which you'll see.

It is just awesome, man. It's leak-proof, it's dummy-proof, and looks the tits. It fits flush. It's a little... Yeah, I'll tell you, it's a little tall. The tank's a little tall. It's about as tall as the mod. And look how big the Target Pro is compared to this whole setup. It's about the same size. Like I said, I can put this thing in my shirt pocket, the front shirt pocket, if I can get the beard out the way. Get the beard out, pop it in there, and she's gone! Gone like a freight train! Gone, gone, gone. I'll just pick it out, and then I vape.

I get a nice restrictive lung hit. Also, you could take mouth-to-lungers; P. Busardo, if you're watching, you're gonna like this, man, because they give you a shaft, a tight shaft. They give you a coil head, a 0.8-ohm cCell Cubis-style coil head. It closes everything off, and you could take really tight hits. I got the pre-installed 0.5-ohm, stainless steel, Cubis-style cCell coil heads. I got the airflow at the top wide open. And yeah, I'm vaping at 450 degrees. Here we go.

Oh, man, she's a-chucking it. And look how long that hit was. What was that, like five, six, seven hits... I mean, seconds? Yeah, I got Cran Juice in here, so I'm kinda foggy, you know what I'm saying? No pun intended. I can close it off. One hole, one side blocked off on the other. It looks to be about a 2-millimeter hole. I close it off again, about a 1.0, 1.5-millimeter hole, and that's the smallest you can go. And at that setting right there, with this pre-installed 0.5-ohm Cubis-style cCell coil head and the shaft I have in here, it's tight, man. I'm gonna do a mouth-to-lunger; here we go.

Easy. And that's temperature control. Excuse me, it hits the back of my throat. Thump it, man. I'm not used to these mouth-to-lungers. But you can do it! And that's the point. And with the shaft, this is the wider shaft. Put the smaller or the tighter shaft in there, and we're in P. Busardo territory. Oh, yeah! So yeah, now, what I did was I opened her back up at the top because that's just what turns my taps on. I'm still vaping at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Gotta take another hit for you. Chuckified, the flavor's great. I actually like these coil heads better than the old Vaporesso cCell coil heads. It works well.

Now there are some cons to it. I'm gonna get into it. First, the tank, and you could take apart the top section. The drip tip, it comes with an extra shaft section, but what you cannot take apart is the Pyrex tank, the Pyrex section, and the shell, the stainless steel shell. It's all one piece. So if you were to break the Pyrex tank, you're SOL. You have to buy a new tank. That's one con.

Two, because the coil heads have the porous ceramic in there. Porous ceramic, it holds heat longer. So the more that you vape, the more frequently you vape on this thing, it is gonna get hot. The tank's gonna get hot, the drip tip's gonna get hot, and that may be a con to you.

Three, the tank section, it is tall. Look at this. The tank is damn near as tall as the mod. Damn near as tall! Whoa! And the last con I found for this tank, another subjective one, is some guys and gals are gonna want more juice capacity.

So the cons that I found for this mod are as follows: The USB port being on the base; I don't like it. I wish it was on the side, the front, the side, where I can stand it up and charge it. A subjective con, you cannot adjust the wattage of variable temperature mode, and also another subjective con, this is a 40-watt device. It only vapes up to 40 watts max. And then the last con I found for this mod, this is also gonna be a subjective con, but the built-in lithium 1400-mAh battery, it may be too small for some of you guys and gals. It may not last as long, and it's something that's gotta be mentioned.

But everything else about this kit are pros. Okay, one, the packaging. My wife said it. It's cute! It is. It's cute, man. It's nice. It's clean. The USB cable that comes in this is fantastic. It's something different I've seen. I mean, it's a USB cable, yeah, but it's got metal rings, it looks more durable, feels more durable. And I like it, it's just classy.

Oh, yeah, and also the function buttons. Fire button, wattage up/wattage down buttons; nice, comfortable, and clicky. And there's a button below that wattage up/wattage down buttons that adjusts. It's so much easier because you just press and press and press, and it clicks over to each temperature mode, variable wattage. It clicks over to nickel, titanium, stainless steel, to M1, M2. It makes it just so much easier and more convenient.

So you know the drill. We're gonna go ahead and dive down. I'm gonna show you this thing up-close and personal. We'll come back. I'll let you know how much this sucker is, and also let you know if I lost this sucker today, I'm gonna go out tomorrow and buy one. Alrighty, boys and girls. So check it out. Here is the packaging for this Target Mini Starter Kit.

So the box slides out, and underneath that we got another box, and that box says Target Mini Starter Kit. And I mean she is a cute little box. This whole packaging, it's just cute, man. It's cute, it's clean. But yeah, you open her up. On one side, what do we got? Oh, we got our mod, our Target Mini mod, our Guardian tank, and an extra piece for our mouth-to-lungers. And then on the other side, we got this little box. And inside that box, we got this little user manual. Check out this USB cord, guys. Look at that thing. Sophisticated. You got metal rings on the end. This thing is not going anywhere. It's not gonna fray on you, it's not gonna break on you, it's not gonna... It's just not gonna fail; it is just solid. Something different. I love seeing different things. It just shows that they have a passion about what they're doing. But yeah, another thing in this box, you receive an extra coil head, a top-fill, their top-fill new cCell coil heads. But this is for the mouth-to-lunger. Look how small that hole is. Damn!

So I wanted to go ahead and jump back and clarify what's actually in this envelope. Not only do you receive a Mini guide or a user manual, but you also receive a warranty card, and you also receive an instructional card that explains what the cCell coil heads are all about, the ceramic coil heads, all that good stuff, and you also receive a warning card.

So first things first, I'm gonna show you guys the Target Mini mod, a close-up view. Now, it's basically a smaller version of the Target Pro, smaller version of the Target VTC 75. It's much smaller. It is a tiny, tiny bopper. Look at that. That is freaking tiny. Okay, here's the Mini Volt. Look at this. Mini Volt! This thing's bigger. This thing's actually thicker. This right here may be just a touch, touch bit taller. But other than that, it's mind-blowing how small these devices are. And look at my hand. My hand's, hell, my hand's just swallowing it. Swallow that whole.

So yeah, a quick tour for you. Everything's clean. You got this carbonesque wrap around the back, and it's comfortable, it's comfortable. I don't know if it's real carbon fiber, but on the back it's got, it's stamped in there, Vaporesso, their Vaporesso logo. It's really nice, it's classy. Look, you got a little thumb grip right here, just like the Target Pro, the Target VTC75 mod. It says Target Mini over here.

Up top, it's got a stainless 510 connection and a spring-loaded 510 pin. On the side, we got our fire button, our wattage up, wattage down buttons and another function button, which I'm gonna show you how it works. But yeah, right now, she's off. When I hit the fire button, it says SYSTEM OFF. Down below, we gotta our USB port for charging and we got ventilation holes. And just like I mentioned before, this houses a built-in lithium 1400 mAh battery. So I'm gonna go ahead and pop this Guardian tank on here to show you how she fits and she fits flush, she looks intense. And as I showed you guys before, she is off; when I hit the fire button, it says SYSTEM OFF. Now to turn this sucker on, you hit the fire button five times, one, two, three, four, five. You're gonna see Vaporesso and then this screen, the menu screen that you're in at the moment. Now, right now, we're in temperature mode in stainless steel, as you guys can see. You see the resistance, the wattage, the battery gauge, and then the temperature, and then the wire mode you're in. Now, to adjust the wire mode, use this button right here. To adjust the temperature, use the wattage up, wattage down button.

So this thing vapes between... I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna show you. It goes all the way up to 600 degrees in Fahrenheit and round robins right into Celsius. So from 140 to 315 in Celsius, and then round robins back in 280, so 280 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. 280-600 degrees Fahrenheit, 140-315 degrees Celsius. Now, to switch wire modes, all you do is, you use this button down here, this third button, hold it down, goes to titanium. Hold it down again, goes to M1, which is for your TCR, which I'm gonna show you in a second. Hold it down again, goes to M2, which is another TCR setting. Hold it down again, it takes you back to wattage, which you can adjust between 5 watts and 40, I'm gonna show you. And this girl's fast, she scrolls pretty fast. And you could also go in 0.1 increments as well.

So if I hold this button, this third button down, we go back into other modes. Nickel, and then back to stainless steel, because I've got this pre-installed 0.5 ohm top air flow cCell coil head in here, which is stainless steel, like I mentioned. But yeah, that's what I've been running. Now, 280 degrees, no. I'm gonna take her up... Let's see. How about 470? Now, if I wanna go in and I wanna adjust the TCR, and here's a pro I did not mention in FaceTime, I don't know why it slipped my mind. This is a really cool pro for this little device. You got TCR, and what TCR is, is its temperature coefficient of resistance. Hell, it's nothing like the DNA 200 software, but the fact that you could go in through this mod and customize the TCR down to the wire, that's freaking cool, man. That's definitely a big time pro that I did not mention in FaceTime.

So yeah, in order to get into the TCR settings, what you got to do is tap this third button three times, one, two, three, and we're in M1, M2. And then, you could go in and adjust the TCR for M1, go in and adjust the TCR for M2. When you're done, all you gotta do is hold down this third button, it takes you back to the menu screen. And when I go in, let's see. Hold this down, goes to titanium. Hold down again, goes to M1. So M1, you guys saw that I had set to 0.0092, it's already set, then I just go in and I can adjust my temperature and I'm rocking at 0.0092, which is the preferred for stainless steel. So that's how that TCR setting works for M1 and M2.

Also, in temperature mode, you can go ahead and lock the resistance, and in order to do that, what you gotta do, and I recommend locking the resistance before you vape on it. So when you screw the tank on, if you have a stainless steel coil head, you're in temperature mode, in order to lock the resistance, you gotta hold down this third button and the wattage down button down at the same time while this device is on, and she locks. You see that lock symbol. To unlock, you do the exact same thing, but I'm gonna keep it because I'm vaping in temperature mode. Now, to lock the wattage or the temperature while this device is on, what you wanna do is hold down the third button and the wattage up button down at the same time, and it locks. Can't adjust it, can't adjust the temperature, can't adjust the different modes, but you can fire her up.

So that's another thing. If you want to pop this sucker in your pocket or your bag, I would turn this thing off, one, two, three, four, five. You don't have to worry about it at firing, auto-firing, hitting against your leg or your ass and firing it up. You see what I'm saying? So yeah, in order to unlock it, you gotta hold down the wattage up and the third button down at the same time, and she unlocks, and we're good to go. Another feature I've found, you could flip the screen, and in order to do that, you hold down the wattage up, wattage down buttons down at the same time while this device is on, and she flips. Do the same thing to flip her back.

Alrighty, boys and girls, so now, on to the Guardian tank. So a few specs for you for this bad boy, she's primarily made of stainless steel, she's got a built-in Pyrex tank shield, she holds 2 mls of juice, she's got that top air flow cCell design. They're using the porous ceramic and the organic cotton wrapped around the porous ceramic, which I'm gonna show you. She's 22 mm in width and she's 55 mm in height. Now, this is a top-fill design. Here's the drip tip, comes out, it uses a standard 510 drip tip, so if I didn't mention that in the pros, that's definitely a pro, definitely a pro I gotta mention. Here it is, double O ring, nice little average drip tip. Here is the top cap. Now, lefty tighty, righty loosey, so reverse threaded, so righty loosens this sucker up. This is the child protection thing I was talking about. There is the shaft section, this is for the lung hitters, and this has a 5 mm bore, catch cup. Everything's machined nice, too.

So your drip tip pops into here just like that, and this sucker screws into here, lefty tightens her back up. And that's that child protection. I'm gonna mention that again because it's very important. If you have children, you don't want them getting into your tank, but that's a really cool feature. And then you got this top cap right here, and here's your adjustable air flow. You got one slot on one side, one slot on the other, this is for the lung hitters. To adjust that, you just turn it, turn it to the left. Whatever you adjust on this side, it's gonna be the exact same on this side. I like to keep mine wide open, and it stops, when you turn it all the way to the right, this sucker stops. So yeah, to get this thing off, you just turn it to the left, lefty loosey, so this isn't reverse threaded. So here's the top cap, there's the air flow slot, you see that? And you got two other, smaller slots, which I'm gonna show you in a second, for mouth-to-lungers.

Threads. Not the smoothest that I've seen, but they're smooth, they're clean. And here's the top of the coil head, and there's the inside, there's the fill slots, okay. Like I said, top fill, you've got one slot on one side, one slot on the other. And the way I've been doing it is, I've just been pouring it, pouring it in there. But yeah, there's the top of the coil. You've got six airflow slots at the top of the coil. And this thing, it comes out, it just pulls out. It doesn't screw in, it's not threaded, pulls right out. And this is the.5 ohm, the.5 ohm top airflow cCell coil head. You've got your organic cotton on the outside, there's your feed holes, one-on-one slot, one giant slot on one side, one giant slot on the other. Recommended vape... What does that say? 20 to 40 watts.

Alright, so I've just brightened it up, so check it out, okay. On the inside, you've got your coil and you've got a little funnel down there. Now, on the outside, inside the coil head, you've got two slots, you've got a slot... Let's see... You've got a slot on this side right here. I don't know if you guys can see that... And you've got a slot on this side, and that's for your airflow. So your airflow, it travels through these slots down the side, through those slots on each side, underneath the coil and up through the coil, back up through the coil to your mouth. That's how this thing works. It's leak-proof, man. Have not had any leaking. Zero.

And there's your connection right there, that's the connection it makes with your 510 pin. See that? And you can not disassemble this. At the base, you've got a non-adjustable 510 pin. Threads are smooth. And also at the base it says Guardian Tank, designed and manufactured by Vaporesso. But yeah, again, here's the built-in Pyrex tank section, which you cannot take apart, and I'll tell you, I'm gonna keep her bright, I like this exposure. You can really see everything, the threads... Now, I wanted to show you this, here's the mouth-to-lung coil head. Check it out, look at that. Smaller feed holes right there, on both sides. 1.4 ohm coil head, recommended vape 18 to 30 and a half watts. Airflow up top, same type of design, except... Look at that. The coil's tiny. Oh my gosh. And then you've got the space around there on the inside of the coil head, see that? Just like the other one, just less space. And the airflow travels down around that, up through the coil and out. Just like the other coil head, pops in just like that. No threads needed, screw on the top cap...

Another cool thing is, is they've included other holes, okay? So if I turn all the way to the left, you got one hole, that's for the mouth-to-lungers, and it's blocked off on this side. Or, you can make it even tighter... To the smaller hole. And it gets better for the mouth-to-lungers. Check this out. There's this shaft, 4 millimeter shaft versus the 5 millimeter on the other one. See, here's the other shaft, the larger shaft. Now, some of you guys may think this is a cog but it's got that built in. You can't take this off. This, you could use your standard 510 drip tips, you could pop your favorite drip tip in there. This one, you can't. This reminds me of the drip tips back in 2012.

So in order to insert the tighter shaft in, what you gotta do is you gotta insert the larger shaft first. Remember, reverse threaded... And then press fit the tighter shaft in next. And boom, you're rocking. Alrighty, so check it out. There's one con I did not mention on FaceTime about this mod that I gotta mention now. And that is the 24 millimeter devices. Vaporesso, look at this. Pull this lip back. If it didn't have this lip, your 24 millimeter devices would look the tits on here. I mean, look at the overhang, there's barely any. And you know what, Vaporesso? You can make this rounded out, just a little bit larger up top to accommodate for the 24 millimeter devices. But yeah, as of right now, all the 24 millimeter devices are not gonna fit because of that lip. So that right there is an up close view of this Target Mini Starter Kit. Let's go and take her back to FaceTime.

So yeah, this is definitely one on that I'm passionate about. 59.99. Hell, if I didn't receive stuff free on a daily basis and I was just a regular consumer, I would go out tomorrow and buy this. Oh yes. Also, this is the type of product that I'm gonna recommend to any newbie vaper. Any newbie vaper, or vaper that's looking for convenience. Hell yeah I'd buy this. This is RiP Trippers and remember, smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now.