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Are you one who likes to enjoy a vape while also taking in some time with Mother Nature? Great news for active people, the Wismec Active was designed just for you! When it comes to vaping, it's best to just get to the point! The Wismec Active is incredibly cool and a true representation of the brand's masterminds at their very best. This device features a wirelessly connected speaker that is sharp in sound, overcoming every single phone that it was tested against. In addition to that, the Wismec Active has top notch atomizer performance and includes a pre-installed 21000mAh battery that is sure to last you all day long. Does it get any better? Actually, it does! This kit is also perfect for bringing on your adventures outdoors as it is water and shock resistant to boot!

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Wismec Active Kit w/ Bluetooth Speaker! + Chance To Score
Credit to: Vapor Trail Channel
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Wismec Wismec Active reviews

Video Transcript: Wismec Active Kit w/ Bluetooth Speaker! + Chance To Score by Vapor Trail Channel

We're gonna take a look at and give you a chance to score an interesting one from Wismec, it's called the Active.

Welcome to the Vapor Trail Channel. I'm Tony taking a look today at the Wismec Active. This is a mod with a Bluetooth speaker in it. Now they say that it is waterproof, but it is not exactly waterproof, so I'm not gonna be putting this thing under water and testing it that way. I'll get into that in just a little bit. But Inside Avatar Controls that is the batteries that they use. There's all their social media over here and your scratch and sniff. Also, we've got the contents of the box back here. A little bit of information down here, 80 watts, input voltage DC 5 volt. And this one right here, you have a chance to score, all you gotta do is fill out that Google Form, it's right down below the video on the description, it's US shipping only, $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it. If you are outside the US and you still wanna enter, look for William Cooper in the comments. He's a friend of the channel, he has volunteered to be your friend in the US. He'll send it on to you after he receives it. You just gotta deal with international shipping charges with him. And that's what this one looks like, it's orange. And on camera, it looks like it's kind of a washed out orange, but I assure you this is like really, like deep orange, it's really nice looking.

And everything here on the tank matches, the acrylic bubble tank and the tip on there, it's quite nice. Now before we get into the mod, the e-liquid that I'm using, this time around, comes from Forbidden. And the reason why I've got two of them here from them... By the way, this stuff is... It's inexpensive, it's like 15 bucks for a 60 ml I think. And I think I have a code that you can use. I'll put a link down in the description for more information on it, but they're just simple, you know, Forbidden fruit, this one's pear, this one's mango, they have a couple that are hybrids. And I suggested to them when I was at the show in Richmond, I was like, Guys, you know what, I mix these two by a happy accident, I forgot which one was in the tank, and I added the other one to it, it was like, it was like two great taste. It taste great together, man. Pear and mango, so that's what I'm putting in here today. Alright, so about the waterproofness of this thing, JayBo and I talk a lot, JayBo used to work with Wismec, he's a designer. If you're unfamiliar with him, he does have a channel, now and he's... I love the way the guy thinks. I'll put a link down in the description for JayBo's channel if you wanna check it out, and I do recommend that.

So he was telling me about his test with the waterproofness on this. Now, I did see on Instagram that Wismec put one of these things in a bowl of water, took it out, it still worked, and yeah, that may be the case. But the waterproof rating on this thing is not full waterproof, it's more like water resistant. And he said he was able to put one of these things under the water and it did not work, so he was able to destroy it, basically. I don't wanna do that, I like using it and I wanna give you the other one. So not even gonna bother with that, but I can tell you that for average, like rain and stuff like that, or maybe boating, it would work really well for that. It's gonna be very good water resistance. And as they say on here, well waterproof, but shockproof and shatter resistant, and that's because you've got a shatter resistant tank on here. Now JayBo also told me, that he took one of these on a motorcycle ride and actually threw it while he was riding on the motorcycle everything still worked after that, the tank did not break. So as far as that goes, yeah, that does work really well. So lately, they've been sending these little things along with it. So I'll show you this, that is the specs on it. If you wanna read that, go ahead and pause it. It does go to 80 watts. It has a 2100 milliAmp hour battery built-in. E-liquid capacity on the tank is 2 ml for Europe, 4.5 ml for everywhere else.

2 amp charging. They've got black, silver, and orange, as far as the colors on the grid on these. And of course, all their marketing shows active stuff, like mountain climbing and things like that which I guess is why they call it the Active. And you can get extra sleeves to go on there if you wanna change up the look of it. We've got orange, blue, and green, and one that's kind of a black and green. And I'll tell you what, whoever scores from this video, I'm gonna pick one of these out and give that to you as well. Okay, well, I did show you the box for the other one. Let's go ahead and see what else is inside here. So you get one of these little coil reference guides. Tells you about the different coils that are available for it and what gives you better flavor, purity, or vapor cloud and what the wattage is for them, and a little instruction on the coils themselves. Gonna get a little quick start guide for the tank. Then you get a manual or a quick start guide for the mod itself. It's actually quite easy to use and there's a bunch of different languages in here.

There's a little box inside there. Inside of that you've got extra o-rings for the tank. There's an extra coil in here, and this coil that I've got right here is the one that was actually inside the tank when I got it. It's a mouth to lung coil and you could see that's pretty tight down there, even though the intakes for the juice are pretty small and it says MTL 1.3 ohms 8 to 14 watts, not into that. So I took that out of the tank and I'm putting that in here. I'll show you the coil inside the tank here in just a second, but there's also a USB cable for charging. And I don't know if they're gonna do updates on this because this is a very simple chip, it's basically an Eleaf chip that we've seen a lot. And honestly, I don't even care about the chip, because I like wattage. And this does do all the other features, but it just doesn't matter to me, because the chip performs great in wattage mode. Before we go any further, let me show you the coolest feature of this thing. I just wanna show you this Bluetooth speaker thing because I've got one of these things, I use it at the pool, a dedicated one from Altec Lansing or something like that. And this thing, the quality of the sound is actually as good or even better than that little thing. And that little speaker alone was 40 bucks. So I wanted to show you the Bluetooth feature on this.

You pull this thing aside, you can see that you have actual buttons down here that are all rubberized and stuff, so those are supposed to be sealed. And then on here, you've also got some buttons. I don't know if you can really see those on there. And yeah, you've got a play button, a backwards and forwards button here, and they also work for volume, and then a power button right down there. So I'm gonna go ahead and turn on my phone. And in order to use this, let's go ahead and... I'll do my face ID here. Alright, so we're just gonna hit this button right here, we're gonna hold it just like any Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth mode.

And it just says Bluetooth mode.

Bluetooth connected successfully.

There we go, and then all we have to do is play a song on here.

So we got a few songs loaded up here. Love this right here. This is Africa, this is the... Hold on. We'll just pause that. This is the Weezer version of Africa. If you haven't heard this man, it is freaking awesome.

And as you can see the control buttons on here work just like any other Bluetooth device you'd have. If you hit it, it will stop, if you hit it again, it will play.

Now you could use this to adjust your volume up and down.

You'll see on the phone, it actually corresponds.

I'm sorry, that was down... That's turning it down, so it's corresponding on the phone here. Just hold this up... If you wanna turn it up.

Or you can do it on your phone, so that's pretty cool. Also, if you wanna advance to the next selection, I gotta turn this up for just a second.

I don't know, man. I just love that. Alright, so let's do this. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna forward the songs by going like this.

I just did that by tapping this button twice, that's a plus button right there.

Then you go over here, got some Van Halen going.

A Perfect Circle.

I mean the quality of the speaker is actually quite good. No speaker on the back, only speaker on the front.

I don't know. When I first saw this thing, I was like, I don't know, why do you need a speaker in there? But dude, having this with a speaker in it with you while you're traveling, or while you're backpacking or something like that, it's actually kind of a good idea. The best thing is it works perfectly and it also works just like any other Bluetooth device would work, like a speaker device or headphones, your bluetooth Beats headphones or something like that. And then when you're done, you just hit this button right here, the power button and hold on to that and it turns right off. Very cool.

Got a standard 510 up here, I think that's stainless steel threads on it. Spring-loaded pin on there. Here's the base of this, it's the Amor NS plus. Drip tip on this one is a standard 510 drip tip. It's a little bit narrower and smaller. It would work well for mouth to lung, just that's not my style. There is a little arrow right there, you push that and it pushes over. You fill that up and pop it back over. You can actually do that with the tip on it as well. There are two airflows on here, and you could go all the way down like this if you wanna do mouth to lung, just one little tiny hole, or you can open her all the way up or anywhere in between. Stops at either side, and it does have a good tension on it. You just take the base off like this and there's your coil. On this one, it's a much heartier coil and you can have a little spit guard on there for spit back. Parallel wrap, this one is WS01. It's a triple 0.2 ohms, 40 to 80 watts. I guess that's triple wires there. You can pop this thing off of here if you like. But you know you just don't have to worry about replacing that as often because it's polycarbonate.

Friends, we're gonna go ahead and fill this up, we're gonna pretty much go half and half, but I like to layer it, you know, so that it kind of mixes already. That's the pear and then we got some mango. Like I said, it was a happy accident. And I was like, Dang, this really tastes good together. So that's what I like now with this. So once you get her filled you just pop, pop that back over, you're good to go, wipe that off. Five clicks on, five clicks off, one, two, three, four, five. Now it's off. When it's off, if you hold these two buttons down you can flip the screen. One, two, three, four, five, turns it back on. Pretty simple. You've got your wattage right there, your battery meter right there, your ohms are at the top of that, voltage and amperage. When it's turned on, if you hold those two buttons down, the up and down buttons, you can lock your keys or unlock them.

Bluetooth mode.

Oh, that's because I hit this button and held it down, sorry. That is one thing, when you're trying to press this and sometimes you press this one, too. So as far as the cover that's on here goes, there is a little bit of texture on the fire button, so it's easy to find that. The up and down buttons, you can feel those. The display is nice and bright. I do like that a lot. Three clicks on the fire button, one, two, three, and you can switch through wattage, bypass. When it comes to temperature control, you have an I200 titanium stainless steel. Then you've got three memory modes if you wanna do temperature control memory modes. Got this little tab right here that comes out. Right there, that little hole, that is a reset button so you can stick a paper clip in there and reset it. And then there's a USB right there, this will seal onto that. Gonna make sure that you get it all the way in there when you're sealing that up. Like I said, I'm not gonna be taking this thing underwater and I don't recommend that you do. But if you're boating, or fishing or whatever where you might get some water on your mod, it does work really well for that.

And yes, this does come off and all of the buttons in there are also protected even with this not on here, this is more of a bumper for it. I just don't wanna ruin this thing by putting it underwater. Like JayBo said, he was able to destroy his by doing that, I just don't wanna do that. I think I went through all the stuff here on the board. Great little mod for travel. I mean, you get to your hotel room, just set this thing on the counter, play the music, and it will vape while the music is playing, so that's pretty cool too. Not too bad, not too bad at all. So that's the Active. And yeah, I get a little bit carried away when I start playing music, but that's one thing I really like about this thing. I mean, you could literally be sitting at the pool, listening to music, and have your vape all-in-one, that kind of thing, that's great. But there's just things about this one that I was like, Hmm. When I talked to JayBo, he had one on his motorcycle, threw it as he was driving down the road on the motorcycle, went back and found it, and nothing was wrong with it. I think the drip tip broke off and that was it. The tank didn't break because that's a polycarbonate, and there were some bumps and scrapes and stuff like that, but it survived. That says a lot for it.

Very simple operation on this thing. If you know how to operate like a beginner Eleaf kit, which Eleaf is actually a sister to Wismec, that's why the chip looks pretty familiar, right? Really, really easy to use, and very easy to use the bluetooth feature on there, so very cool. I've got the Forbidden in here right now. Actually, it's a combo of mango and pear. It was a happy accident, man. Put 'em in on accident, mixed 'em up in the tank and went, Hey, this is really good! So there we go. This is at 60 watts 0.17 ohms for this coil.

And it's rated at 60 to 80 watts, so right in the middle of the range there. It really gives very good flavor. Some people are worried about polycarbonate tanks having a residual taste or something like that. I don't get that from this thing at all. Really easy to use, the tank as well. Just pop that over and fill it. I do prefer 810 drip tips, but this is a 510 it's kind of wide in the mouth, and it funnels down into a smaller point. I guess that's better if you're trying to use it as an MTL. So it's trying to be MTL and clouds. Hey, if it works, it works, right? I didn't try the MTL coil, though.

Now personally, for daily use, I probably wouldn't have this carbon hook on here. I left it on there for the video so you guys could see everything, how it all fits together. Nice that it has this bumper around it. It does have a grill on one side. Well, on both sides. One side though, no speaker. One side does have the speaker. It's the side with the Wismec Active on it.

As far other tanks and atomizers, it performs well with just about anything you put on there. Now this tank does have a slight, tiny little overhang on it right there, but it's minimal, so it's nothing to be really concerned about, but I know some people, they're just like, Oh my gosh, there's a half a millimeter of overhang, and that bothers them. I totally get it.

Yeah, this mixture of juice, it just really pops. These flavors have so much flavor, especially for something that so many might consider a bargain juice 'cause it's 15 bucks for a 60 ml, but it's loaded with flavor. I like it a lot.

Alright, so there we go. Not much more to tell you. It performs well, it's a simple to use mod. And I know that there's gonna be people out there are gonna be like, Oh great, a mod that has a speaker in it. That's gonna appeal to children. I'm like, I don't know, I'm an adult. I have Bluetooth devices, I would like to put music on this mod. But you know how it is with the vape stuff. If you just have something that's colored on there they could say, Oh well, those bright colors appeal to kids. I just don't know, but I personally feel like a Bluetooth speaker on a mod, at first I was like, I don't know. What is that all about? And then I used it was like, Dude, this is actually really nice.

Plus she functions really, really well. If you ask me Wismec, you did a great job on this thing. I really don't know where I'd improve it except for making it actually waterproof-waterproof. I have one of those little Altec Lansing speakers that has two speakers in it, kinda almost looks like that right there. And that one, I could put in the water and it floats and everything else. But JayBo's not the only one that told me that this is not completely totally waterproof, but for fishing, for hunting, for going to the beach, for going to the pool, for being out in the rain, that kind of thing. I think it's just fine for that.

So that is the Active from Wismec, and if you'd like to score one of these, all you gotta do is fill out that Google form. It's right down below the video in the description. It's US shipping only, $10 PayPal fee in order to claim it. It is the orange one. I think you're gonna like it. Plus, I'll give you one of those extra little sleeves that way you can dress it up however you want.

As always, I wanna thank you so much for your support here in the channel. You, you, you are awesome. Yeah, I really do appreciate you. Likes, comments, shares, subscriptions, when you guys really care about something that's going on with me personally, I appreciate that as well. You're just fricking awesome, man. If you like what you see, hit the thumbs up. If you haven't subscribed yet, hit that subscribe button. If you think you're subscribed, check the button. If it's red, you're not subscribed. Click it again. If it's grey, you're good to go. I have links down there for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. If you have one of those I'd appreciate a follow. There's also links down there for advocacy, so, so important. With everything going through Congress and the FDA and all of that, a really good one free to use is August8th.org. It's right down there at the top. All you have to do is click the link and put your zip code in there. It's gonna create a form letter, add a little bit of your personal story. That'll go directly to your legislators, let them know that you vote and that vaping is saving your life, and you want it to be around to be able to save other people's lives as well.

Well, that's gonna do it for this episode. We'll catch you next time on the Vapor Trail channel.