Wismec CB-60 Kit

Wismec CB-60 Kit

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When it comes to high quality vaping kits, the Wismec CB-60 kit right away gives you the impression of something you would purchase from a high end brand. This device not only produces a lot of thick clouds and intense flavors, but it is specifically crafted for users who enjoy a more restricted draw. The Wismec CB-60 kit comes with a integrated 2300 mAh powerful battery that can give a maximum output charge of 60W of power, and the Amor NS tank has a very tight airflow. This device is perfect for vapers who enjoy the sensation of smoking, as it is draws just like a cigarette and gives you that kind of feel. Does this sound like the device for you? Don't delay anymore and invest in your own Wismec kit to have a vape experience you'll love!

Wismec CB-60 Kit Wismec
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CB-60 by Wismec! | & Orange Dreamsicle E Juice!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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Video Transcript: CB-60 by Wismec! | & Orange Dreamsicle E Juice! by IndoorSmokers