Wismec Sinuous Solo

Wismec Sinuous Solo

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The Wismec Sinuous Solo is a very high performing pen-style e cig that comes with a mighty 2300 mAh battery that can output power up to 40W of power in one shot. This device is also equipped with popular WS-M mesh coils to give you some of the best flavor density and biggest vapor cloud production. What sets the Wismec Sinuous Solo apart from everything else is its amazing appearance as well as its quality and durability during vape sessions. Because of it, it really appeals to many different kinds of vapers and is one of the most convenient kinds of e cigs for users of all different levels and styles. If an awesome vape kit such as this sounds appealing to you, join the club and get your own Sinuopus Solo today!

Wismec Sinuous Solo Wismec
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Wismec Sinuous Solo Kit w/ Amor NS Pro Tank
Credit to: Mike Vapes
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Video Transcript: Wismec Sinuous Solo Kit w/ Amor NS Pro Tank by Mike Vapes