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The SMOK X-Force is a freshly crafted device that looks exactly like a box mod, featuring a lightweight body and the looks and feel of a pod system. With just one button to get things going, the X-force is the ideal way to begin your journey with sub ohmning and can also be the perfect pocket device for discreet vaping. This device is ideal for users who enjoy a direct mouth to lung vape and houses a 1.2 ohm ceramic coil that gives you some of the best vapor production and flavor that you could possibly imagine. As for the tank, it comes with a 2 ml capacity and isn't too difficult to refill when the time comes. To further customization, the SMOK X-Force comes in a variety of colors to make it an even more personal experience.

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SMOK X-Force 7ml AIO Kit! | Ruthless E Juice!
Credit to: IndoorSmokers
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SMOK SMOK X-Force reviews

Video Transcript: SMOK X-Force 7ml AIO Kit! | Ruthless E Juice! by IndoorSmokers

What's going on everybody? Jai Haze here. So today, I'll be doing a review on a device that I picked up for the purposes of the review. I haven't really done many reviews for this company as of late. And the reason being is just because they get a lot of flack, a lot of people hate this company. People feel the way about this company that I do with Vandy Vape. If something is good, something's good. We all know my personal preference with iJoy is not the best. However, the recent device that I did, the Diamond wasn't that bad of a device, so it didn't deserve the hammer. A lot of times I'm doing videos for this, people always try to correct me and say it correctly while I'm saying it incorrectly. I've been down this road a million times.

You can call it SMOK, you could it SMOCK, you could call it popsicle, I don't care what you call this. I just know what I know, and it's SMOK. Again, if you wanna say SMOCK, go for it, add some extra letters in there. Thing is, I don't wanna beat this horse 'cause I already know someone's gonna comment down below and say, Well, it's called SMOCK, it's not Smoke. There's no E. Well, guess what, there's no C. Either way, you're adding shit, and I'm adding shit, but I just know them from when they were SMOKTech. I'm just gonna clear that air right now. So if you watch any further reviews from me, and I do a review for a SMOK product, don't even bother commenting down below it's SMOCK, 'cause you sound just as bad as I do. It may be SMOKY. Smmoooyyyk.

This company gets a lot of shit, and the reason being is just because they make a new product every single week. The Alien was one of their biggest releases, they also did the XCUBE, the XCUBE Mini, BT50, they've done so many devices, the T-Priv, the G-Priv, the M-Priv, the Q6, the A3, the 24, the X-Priv, a lot of those mods all have the same exact chip in it, so all they're doing is just modifying the body to house that same chip, but make it more ergonomic, or just appeal to more people. Same situation that iJoy is doing. To fix all of this, create something really good that sells good then improve what you have that you're selling. Just like the Alien. Still to this day, people are trying to buy the Alien Kit, or you have the Mag Kit which is kind of, in my opinion, a gimmick.

If you like having a magazine slide out of your mod, put it in, it's just not for me. It's really not for me. So instead of doing a Mag review, I decided on the X-Priv just because the original G-Priv and the Vaporesso Revenger, which this reminds me of. I really like the Vaporesso Revenger, the whole design of it and the way it looked, and this looks almost identical to it. Of course, there's a lot of different features on this in this mod. For lack of better terms, looks like it's a tablet or a smart phone. It doesn't look like a typical mod that we're used to seeing. And I've been waiting for a while for a company to take OLED or some really nice LED configurations, really nice graphics, and take a proprietary chip and make it look really badass.

I don't think anybody would have not agreed that SMOK would not be the company to do that. And we're not talking about like the Cuboid Pro, or the Tesla Touch, the HCigar Towis, those screens are not bad, but they're nowhere near as nice as this, and this is not touchscreen. Everything on here does have a physical button. So without further ado, let's flip it.

SMOK X-Priv Kit. Now, I'm not gonna be going over the tank per se just because this tank is in basically everything. There's so many different TF series, the Prince, the Baby Prince, the Baby Nephew, the Cousin, Uncle, there's just entirely too much going on with this tank. We will be going over... Is everything inside the box and the actual mod itself.

I feel like this'll be a pretty cool experiment. Tell me if you can actually hold up your phone and use that QuickReader code. I always wanted to know if that would work. IVPS technology. I feel that SMOK usually has their own company. This is the first time I've ever seen this. I've never really paid attention to it too much. I was under the impression that SMOK had its own manufacturing capabilities, but apparently, this is manufactured by a company called IVPS, then you have a scratch and sniff, this is gonna be iPhone chocolate flavor and scented. Then on the back, so I'm gonna tell you a little bit about what's inside the box. What SMOK needs to do at this point is just stop the whole TFV series. Literally, just stop and just create a whole another series, don't make the TFV14.

I don't think anybody is interested in the whole TFV series anymore just 'cause there's entirely too much, especially consumers. If they're going to a Brick and Mortar to find out if they have a coil for one of their tanks, and they have the TFV38, that just makes it more difficult for other companies that carry all the coils that are associated with that. Once again, guys, I apologize for the crack in my finger, it's just slowly taking forever to heal. So inside the box, we got a little silica gel pack, do not eat, just go ahead and throw that away, that is to keep the freshness of the mod and the tank inside. The thing is though, when they put these on the top, I don't know what the purpose of that is.

Even though one of these are sealed individually, I don't know why you would need this. I guess if condensation does get in there, or water, this will absorb it. And then there's another silica gel pack. So you have an extra coil, a glass, a tank, just give you a quick look of the tank, this is the Baby Prince now. Not a bad looking drip tip, a little tall for my liking, massive amounts of airflow. Again, I feel like so many people have done reviews on these tanks that there's not really much of a point of me including that inside of the review.

Then you have... It's been a long time since I've actually opened up a SMOK product. Verification, QuickReader code there. QA-PASS-06. Never seen a QC pass where they actually fill in these blanks with the product, the serial number and all that. Why do they even make it? They have these lines if they're not gonna fill them in. Just do a little triangle thing, like Tesla does or any of the other companies. It's just a triangle with the stamp on it. Battery warning card. If any part of your wrap of your battery is coming off, just go ahead and re-wrap it. It's very, very unsafe for you not to re-wrap it. There is absolutely no warranty anywhere in here. Makes sense.

Even though their chips over time have changed, there's not much differences between the way that this functions versus the T-Priv. Kind of the same situation, a three-click. So they've kept it consistent there, making it easier if you do upgrade from a previous SMOK product that is gonna be easier to navigate the menu. The first thing I thought of was fingerprint magnet because the way that the screen is, that glass look and then on the side. The funny thing is, it really isn't a fingerprint magnet, it has some type of laminate over it. I mean, you do see a little bit of fingerprints, but nothing as serious as something else that's got that Neo-chrome blue look to it. On the back you have some really gaudy honeycomb look to it, lots of glitter, going on there.

Fire button is right here on the left side of the Mod. You're up and down, down here on the bottom for your adjustment of wattage. That is not a button. It's very, very corner piece. It wouldn't make sense for it to be a button just because it's literally on the corner of the Mod, you'd be hitting it all the time. Micro-USB there. And then there's your screen, you can kinda see it without it being turned on. It's very, very, very large. 30 millimeters will not work on the top of this. There's overhang everywhere for a 30 millimeter. 25s actually work. I have a lot of room there. Even do a 26 if you wanted to.

I can only think of two tanks that are 26 millimeters. Guys, I really apologize for this cracked finger. There is nothing I can do. To get this door off, there is a cut out right there. Pops right on off. Magnets are pretty sturdy. And this is going to appear that it is a parallel. However, the way that they have it wired inside makes it a series. I guess, they're doing this just so it's a little bit easier for people not to jack up. Spring-loaded positive down there. Roll it over, bring loaded positive down there. I would have much preferred this to be a 2700, but it wouldn't be able to be this small if it was a 2700. You could see there inside the tray, very tight in there, no movement of batteries, very consistent across the board. Very, very sturdy, no movement of the door whatsoever.

Turn the Mod on, it's gonna be five clicks. One, two, three, four, five. This is probably without a doubt one of the prettiest screens that I've seen on any Mod. Up here, you have your two battery configurations. SMOK up here in the corner, this is all LED lit. Might even be organic LED, not 100% sure. Wattage here. Your wattage is here, then you have this ring, which is kind of a place holder, it doesn't really serve much of a purpose, it doesn't rotate out, it doesn't spin, it doesn't do anything. Ohms there, puff on the bottom left, voltage, and then the time of the last hit. Down and fire button is gonna allow you to adjust it. Now I'm still holding down the down button, which I assume is the reason why it's kind of a quick access, and then you just cycle through it like this. Once you select what you want and you let it go, immediate time out.

Yes, that's a good thing if you wanna adjust it to, let's just say temperature control right now, but then you wanna go to wattage. Without going through the whole menu system, you're able to do that with the down and the fire button. And you can also change the way it hits with the up and the fire button. And that's something that, I guess, SMOK has kind of spoiled me. There's a lot of Mods that have these different configurations, where it's very, very difficult. You have to go through the whole menu to access it. Some other companies need to pick up on this whole feature of just a quick access to change the way that it hits.

Okay, so let's go through the menu. Three clicks. One, two, three, wattage, titanium, nickel, stainless steel, and memory. Now, the memory functions that are in this are the same as in most Mods that have presets. This is not temperature co-efficiency like M1, M2, M3. This is actually memory settings and there is a lot of them. 23 different presets. For the purposes of this review, we're gonna go ahead and go back to wattage. So you hit the fire button again. Now you have your puff setting. Puff clear. Puffs are ready. Different screen colors, not really sure about these colors here, so I'm just gonna allow you to look at that and you figure it out. Down here you have screen time. That is basically your time out when the Mod shuts down. That has nothing to do with how long you hit it. The lowest you could go is 15 seconds. Hold it down again, then you have auto-lock. You turn it on, then you have power off and on.

Whatever time you have set at the timeout is when it's going to auto-lock. Now you can shut that off or you can adjust it so it's a little bit higher. You're not using your Mod for like, three minutes, basically it times off and locks it. And to unlock it is gonna be five clicks at the fire button. There's no way to shut this Mod off without actually going through the menu to go to the power off section to shut it down. I don't know if that's necessarily a problem, but it's a little bit inconvenient. One, two, three, four, five to unlock it, because it did go into standby mode and it did lock itself, 'cause it is on auto-lock. But to shut it off is gonna be one, two, three, then you're gonna cycle through and then power off. You're gonna press the plus sign to go to the power off, and then hold down the fire button, that's gonna shut it down.

11:12 JH: It's not so much a negative thing as it is just something that kind of bothers me that I have to run around the block just to shut the Mod off. If you already have all these different shortcuts on the main screen that you can change the memory, or you can change how it hits, change the type of metal it's using, why not make it where you hold it to down, you kinda shut the Mod off? Then again, at the same time, I don't really know many people that shut their Mod off. Let's bring it on the top.

Back on top with the X-Priv by SMOK. I have the 502 sitting on the top of that. I'm not gonna use a stock tank just because everybody knows how TFV series work. There's nothing really different about it that makes it function different than its predecessors, or even its successors at this point. It's 'cause I feel like SMOK is just gonna keep running with that TFV series just because it works, and a lot of people go into stores and even going online, and they're looking for these devices, not just the X-Priv or the T-Priv, just the SMOK device in general because they've become, essentially, for lack of better terms, the new KangerTech or the new Joyetech because two-three years ago, those are the two companies that were a force to be reckoned with. Now, it's like SMOK and iJoy because Joyetech has taken a step back and focused on Wismec and Eleaf, while KangerTech has just focused on building a house or something 'cause I don't even know the last KangerTech device that came out. Maybe there's only like four workers there, which is why we're not seeing anything from KangerTech, but when they came out with that subtank, ooh wee, I'm telling you it'd be on the shelf and it's gone in about 34 seconds. Quick!

Let me show you some of the vape production, we're working with 69 watts. You have your fire button on left side of the Mod, which means it is for right-handed so you can see your devices, or it could be for left-handed because if you're firing it with your thumb in your left hand then you'll be able to see the screen as well. Because there's a lot of devices that you fire, and no matter which way you fire it that it's inside your hand. One thing I forgot to mention is how quick this goes through the wattage. More often than not, we're seeing a lot of devices that only go up by one Watt increments and they take forever to reach its max wattage. There's no round robin on this, but it is what it is. They do have 23 different presets for your memory functions. And like the way that I vape on all my DNAs, which is one of the main reasons why I love DNAs, aside from their voltage cut-off and what they could pick up, is the different presets. 'Cause I vape at 24.5, 32.5, 44.5, 52.5, and I wanna say, 60 and 75, depending on which device it is.

So I just have a certain requirement when I'm vaping, and usually that's any build that is on there. It doesn't matter if it's a 0.19 or if it's a 0.89 or even a, well, a 2.1, I would need probably about 11 Watts. Let me show you some of the vape production, even though it has nothing to do with the Mod. I don't think there was ever any highlights with this company having super-fast ramp-up time. There's maybe a one-second delay. For instance, when I fire this, it's not an instant fire. You saw how long that took? Versus if you're using the Drag, I hate to use that as a reference point, or any of the Gene Chip's super-fast ramp-up. Even DNA, super-fast ramp-up. What I'm going to change on this is how this hits, whether it's soft, hard or normal. 60.5 Watts on hard, and let's see if this changes anything. It's a little bit quicker. First off, I'm gonna tell you this, there's not a whole lot of SMOK products that I've reviewed in the last year. And it's not because I hate the company because I'm one of those people that don't really have much of a problem with SMOK. I've never had much of a warranty issue, but I do know, putting this on record, that if you accept doing reviews for SMOK, they usually make you sign something that they own your video. That's not a myth, that's actually a true thing.

And I've... Again, I would never do that just because no one besides myself and the platform that I'm uploading it to has any rights or authority position on anything that I create. Really anything you even upload doesn't really have any kind of rights. They could take it down, they can't modify it in any way, that's... There's a whole lot of laws that are being broken there. I don't wanna speak too much on that 'cause that's irrelevant. What is relevant is SMOK is one of those companies that it's gonna be very rare for you to see somebody that has a low subscriber count and doing reviews for SMOK by SMOK. They're not gonna look at you until you have a lot of followers. But then, even then, having to sign something that they own your video to do a review? Ooh. Yeah, I'm good. I'm just... I'm good. It almost makes it so you can't talk shit about the company, or you can't say anything negative, because if they don't like it, they're just gonna take it down. It's funny how their laws work, right? But our laws don't work for them.

Hmm, that's convenient. Enough of that horseshit drama bullshit. That is something that I feel consumers should know, if you don't know already. Not drama, just saying. The device itself has really nice ergonomics. It's very, very compact, and the screen on this thing is absolutely stunning. There's a lot of mods behind me on all different shelves. It's just basically a buffet, a smorgasbord of devices. This is the best looking screen on all of them. It doesn't make it the best device, it makes it the most visually appearing graphic user interface there is. Very easy to navigate, it's the typical, press three times, cycle through, hold it down. All SMOK products are essentially the same, as far as the menu is concerned. I can't really comment on whether or not this screen is from another device of SMOK, just because I haven't done any of their recent products to know whether or not this screen is on something else. I feel like I would have noticed it if it was on another device. I'm sure the chip inside is exactly the same, they just have a different interface going on.

I don't like the back door, that... I don't know what's going on there, it's almost like My Little Pony and Care Bears made love and that's their baby creation 'cause there is glitters, rainbows, honeycombs, weaves, chicken... I think there's even a chicken wing, if you look at certain reflections, you may see it right there. The ramp-up time is just absolutely horrendous on this. I can't recommend you to go out and go buy the kit, but I can recommend you to go buy this mod or not. And my recommendation, as far as buying this mod... If this is gonna be your first kit, then, yes, I would recommend it. If you already own a small product, then, no, I would not. So kind of a cross-reference there. It's a little bit difficult to say if someone already purchases products, why would you go out and go buy this? Unless of course you just like the way that it's shaped. But I do know for a fact there are other mods by SMOK that look just like this, or even one better. This, to me, reminds me a lot of the Vaporesso Revenger. If I had one, I would compare the two, just to show you, but I don't have one because I got rid of it on a giveaway or... I don't know, I threw it at somebody. I don't know where it is.

So how would I rate this device on a zero to 10? Honestly, I'm gonna give it a 4.5, maybe, maybe a five. I'm never gonna use this device. It's gonna go on the shelf behind me, and eventually, I'll do it as a giveaway. And that's one reason why there's only 14 hits on this. Kind of first impressions is what I'm all about. If I don't like something off-the-jump, it's gonna be very, very rarely for me to like something if I use it more. If you start dating a girl because she looks like shit and then you find out she's better than what she looks, that's a rarity. Usually, you meet somebody that looks really good, or you're attracted to them, and you find out they're shit. So I guess you could use a reference that I should be looking at this like these are hot girls, and that the more I use it, the more shittier it's gonna get. I can't sit here and say that this is a piece of shit. It's nothing that I would recommend. I don't know if the paint's gonna chip off. I do know that fingerprints don't really hold too well on the side. You don't see a lot of little blobby oils all over the place.

I don't wanna say I hate SMOK tanks, I just... I'm really tired of using Sub-Ohm tanks, there's not really much to go over. You put the juice in, you vape it, it's good to go. That's kind of a bonus if you're just gonna buy this, which is kinda why I bought that tank, which is kind of why I bought that starter kit, is because it's just a bonus having a tank. You never know if you may need a Sub-Ohm tank when you're going out and about. I will tell you this, though, the amount of Watts that that requires... Any of the TFV series is a lot, and that means a lot of juice drinking, which is why I go back to drimp... Drimping, that's when you crimp your hair as you drip. Drimping. Have you drimped lately? That's... Being from the south and saying dreamed and, how do I say, s'rup, totally forget that there is a Y in that whole word, s'rup? Syrup, syrup. S'rup. Mm-mm. You say, 'range juice, 'range juice, totally forgot the O, just leaving it out 'cause there's no... Just make it more simple to say the word. Acronyms, abbreviations, that's what we've become, that's who we are. And I've kept it real, have you? Jai Haze out.